Eight Great Alternatives To Gran Turismo 5 (Gameplaybook)

Can't stand the long wait for Gran Turismo 5? Fortunately, Gameplaybook has some suggestions on how you can pass the time -- at high speed.

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TheLastGuardian3294d ago

I got a better alternative. Stop weeping that GT5 isn't coming out November 2nd and watch trailers and screenshots of Gran Turismo 5.

PirateThom3294d ago

Alternatives.... but not Gran Turismo 5 and that's the sad truth. The only alternative is to boot up GT4 or something.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Teaser and playing it just makes me wish it was GT5
Forza 3 - 1. Not on PS3 so not really an alternative, 2. Forza 2 is better but this is probably the only genuine "alternative" on the list
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Arcade style racer
Blur - Arcade style racer
Burnout Paradice - open world aracade style driving game
Superstars V8 Racing - Don't know much about this, but it's the same people who made the WRC game
Dirt 2 - X-games crap
Split/Second - Arcade racer

TheDCD3294d ago

Well, nothing's obviously going to compare to GT 5. But this is an article suggesting ways to pass the time while you wait for it. :D

PirateThom3294d ago

The best way is to cryogenically freeze yourself and hope they find a way to revive you by the time GT5 releases.

I think this ability is only a few years away, so you should make release day! :D

TheDCD3294d ago

Can't afford freezing equipment. Otherwise I so would. :D

SandRazor3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Not saying that Blur, Burnout, Need for Speed are horrible in fact i absolutely love arcade racers more than sim racers its just that those games are not sim racers. Games like GT4, F1 2010, GRID, and MotoGP should be on this list.