CAG - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

CAG - As the sixth headlining act in the series, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tries to keep the aging music game’s edge by focusing on an epic quest of beastly-altered rockers and metal demigods. This turn towards rock ‘n roll lore may be a ball for headbangers and the black shirted masses, but can this new direction still resonate with gamers looking to kick back and have a good time with their easygoing friends?

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NecrumSlavery3698d ago

This game sucks just like GH5. Which is terrible cause I can't stand Rock Band. Maybe the real guitar periphrial will be a win for me. I always thought RB felt to much like a party game than a guitar simulator.

GH has been terrible after Metallica, which is my favorite of all the music games. Just an opinion here. I am sure many of you are burnt out on the genre. It got too popular, too damn fast and became to casual and comes out to often.