What old FPS would you like to see Next Gen

I like millions of others have played tons of FPS shooters over the years and would like to know what are some of people's favorites that need the next-gen treatment or another sequel. Some of my favorites I would love to see are:

A new quake (more like the quake 2 years)
A new doom
Shadow Warrior (does anyone remember Lo Wang)
Blood (Caleb was the man)
Tribes (jetpacks were first introduced)
An oldschool Rainbow Six
Star Wars Jedi Knight Game
Of course Episode 3, a new Counterstrike, and TF3.
A new System Shock.

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Gazman3295d ago

Super Noah's Ark 3D would be a massive hit

vickers5003295d ago

Killzone 1
Killer 7

cdland3295d ago

How about a real next gen system or 2... 5 and 6 years old now. PC gamers have no need to update because the old ps3 and sbox 360 are just not next gen anymore... PC's are about 4 generations ahead now and my 3 year old PC still runs through new games (mostly ported)... Unreal 3 engine... where's 4... Cryteck rocks, wait for next year with Crysis 2, again consoles suck for power and holding back better games... come get some... :-(

Venox20083295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

system shock 2
soldier of fortune 1
quake 2

Letros3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is my top choice.

edit- wtf, nice job changing the did this get approved?

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