3DS Japanese launch price is too rich for my blood

SG: The Nintendo 3DS won’t come cheap. If you game on a tight budget, well, you might be [email protected]#$ out of luck. You will have to either buy less console games or come up with a good explanation as to why you won’t be able to buy groceries for two straight weeks.

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-Mezzo-3294d ago

Same here, i am really interested in 3DS but i certainly want be able to get it at a Price of $300.

Kalowest3294d ago

I'll just get this as a Xmas present.

Octo13293d ago

Sorry but for that price you may as well buy a console. Plus do you really want to buy this for $300 knowing that there will be a 3DS slim,lite,XL soon after?

wwm0nkey3293d ago

So what if the JP price is too high? It WILL be cheaper here in the states by at least $30-$50 just like any other piece of hardware.

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