Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Review (GamingBuzz)

GamingBuzz writes: "The year is 1047, it's a rainy night, with a full moon cropped ever so vibrantly on the dark sky. A man steps off his steed, a man with armor that makes him stand out from the rest of the villagers in this small, seemingly peasant, town. This man, is Gabriel Belmont, and he arrives at just the right moment. Werewolves are commencing their attack on the small village, luckily for the inhabitants, a member of the Brotherhood of Light is among them, with combat-cross in hand. This is just the beginning of what ends up as being an adventure that can't be described as just "epic", that'll be too low of a term, instead, Gabriel's journey is of biblical proportions."

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rroded3699d ago

from what ive played all i can say is im glad i rented...

darkcharizard3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It feels like God of War and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones had a baby... :P

And while that's a GOOD thing, it's not Castlevania anymore.

A Cupcake for Gabe3698d ago

Castlevania has always been ever growing in style. I would also like the arkham asylum/metroid open world exploration game as well, but this is a very enjoyable title. It's a 9 easily. It has minor issues, as it's not perfected in all areas. But still it is gorgeous and fun with a great story.

BTW 360 gamers in Euro,
I saw the charts! Go f*cking buy this game. Could of made it a PS3 exclusive if you dent want to experience this epic game.

pr0digyZA3698d ago

playing it right now and that's exactly how I would put it except with maybe some god of war fighting POP platforming and tomb raider puzzles. Those are some of my favorite genres rolled into one. Never played another castlevanias so I'm not upset that it isn't like previous incarnations. I'm having a blast with it and would easily give it 9/10

darkcharizard3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

1. It's not part of the timeline
2. No Vampire Killer
3. No Death
4. No Dracula
5. It's not Akumajō Dracula

If you've not played a Castlevania game, don't waste your time reading this! Go play Rondo of Blood or Super Castlevania IV for yourself.

romemac73698d ago

Lords of Shadow is a real Castlevania.
1. it has its own new timeline
2. it has the Vampire Killer
3. it has Death, AKA the lord of Death.
4. there is a Dracula
5. It's not Akumajō Dracula, thats because its a remake.

next's time play the game before making thing up...

deafwing3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

you need to play the entire game, read the scrolls, watch the cutscenes, and watch the movie after the end credits (it's called a reboot).


this is true


I'm not sure I would give the game 10/10 ... I found "questionable things" during my romp through this title and I would give it an 8/10 easily.

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amakusasfire3698d ago

Well I'm not exactly sure how far you are into the game but trust me it starts off slow but once you get towards Chapter 4 or 5 you will be hooked. I was more engrossed into following this game and environments more than I was with God of War 3 or that lame ass Bayonetta. Best thing about God of War 3 is it's graphics and music which is always epic. The ending for it was a major kick in the ass where ass the ending for LOS is mind-blowing. There are countless things they could do with this franchise now.

RememberThe3573698d ago

It has one of the best endings I've ever seen. You brought up GoW3 and I thought that was a better ending but only because of the feeling of closure along with the remaining "what if's."

LOS is fantastic. Not really well polished, but there is so much to this game it's easy to look over. It's easily 15 hours of solid gameplay, no fluff in this game.

I don't want to over blow the ending but it really was a very satisfying ending to a great game. I didn't expect it and I'm glad I didn't.

rroded3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

not saying its bad just not what i was expecting
more of a darkstalker than a castlevania
still the graphics are decent n the fightings interesting
tho im hating all the runing around trying to figure where ta go n i can see a lot of back and forth over the same lvls in the near future

pedrof933698d ago

10/10 ?

is gaming buzz reliable ? just wondering.

VonAlbrecht3698d ago

The guy really liked the game. It's an opinion dude, why would what the guy thinks of a game (which has been getting some overall pretty good reviews, btw) affect the credibility of the site? I mean, unless they're just posting false information, or taking bribes. That has little to do with it.

madara0sama3698d ago

Why don't you try the game for yourself with a demo or rent? This game is certainly a GOTY contender.

AKS3698d ago

@ DelbertGrady


Unlike you. You are rated quite accurately with only 1 bubble and plenty of disagrees.