Fan Made Dead Space Necromorph Sculpt is Terrifyingly Good

StrengthGamer: Edmond Dante, a digital art and animation student, submitted his latest piece of work to the "Fan Art Show and Tell" for Dead Rising 2.

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WutPleaze3291d ago

holy sh**. i thought it was a tattoo at first. that's so badass!

lociefer3290d ago

lol godamn i thought it was a real dude being dissected

SnuggleBandit3290d ago

lol "gamer's createine: news to make you stronger"

What's next?

"gamer's fiber: news that makes you wanna sh!t"

Darkstorn3290d ago

Don't they mean "Dead Space 2?" Not "Dead Rising 2"...

ironfist923290d ago

hints to a Dead Space film, perhaps?

Wii360BeatsPS33290d ago

Oh shit that looks like your mum.

3290d ago
scar203290d ago

Wow people with no lives have nothing better to do than least he did something he liked i'd like to see you make something like dat. http://communitiesonline.ho...