New Look Character Redesigns A Good Idea – Or Bad?


"When you have a character that has been established for several games, years, or even an entire series, making any changes (no matter the subtlety) can easily upset your fanbase.

It’s not something that you can take lightly. You are watching this same individual over the course of his/her story and development, and come to find this as commonplace.

But when the sequel comes out, and the character is completely different, the lid is off: it’s fair game for every kind of criticism."

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gaminoz3287d ago

Well I like the new Cole over the last one. Same goes for Fisher in SC. I'm not sure about the new Max Payne though, or the new Dante.

Proeliator3287d ago

Sometimes, the changing is to suit a new style, as the author said. But others, it's essentially for "giggles," one could say.

I agree with the new Cole being great, and the new Sam. I think the changed Max Payne fits, because it's been such a long time in the real world between games, so it is almost as if he really has been aging through this time; he obviously needs to fit the part.

Rumor3287d ago

how bout that?? change makes stuff better, not completely strays away from the original.look at nintendo, they mastered this with link's new look, sheik's new look, fox's new look, mario's new look, etc.

BadCircuit3287d ago


Nintendo barely changes the formula of any of their key games...though as you say there have been some changes in look.

Rumor3287d ago

thats what i mean, the looks of characters. they still have their core look, but are professionally remastered.

GWAVE3287d ago

In the case of Cole (for example), I care much more about the voice acting than the appearance. Graphics advance and things change, so naturally a character's appearance will change.

BadCircuit3287d ago


Voice acting is much more important than some devs think (ahem random Jap RPG...). Bad script and voice acting really kills it: look at how good Uncharted is for the whole experience because of good voice work and scripting.

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TVippy3286d ago

BALD Cole sucks hugest monkey balls ever. Sheesh.

BadCircuit3287d ago

I really hate the whole look of the new Devil May Cry game.

I don't know what all the fuss was about the 'euro-trash' Cole...The newest one doesn't seem that different. I didn't really care for the old Cole anyway, but then I never played the game so it doesn't matter what I think :)

pedrof933287d ago

So this is the most fucking pointless comment ever.

N4GAddict3287d ago

It depends from game to game

cmrbe3287d ago

Drake. I like the scruffy evil looking cole from part one.

HeavenlySnipes3287d ago

looks enough like Cole but I'm worried that everything will be fucked because I remember reading somewhere that they stil have that Nathan Drake clone voice actor. It'd be scruffy loking Cole with an out of place voice.

They should of just rehired the old guy and made better lookin version of the original Cole.

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The story is too old to be commented.