Best-selling games in September based on NPD data

Top 10 selling software titles of September have been revealed. Halo: Reach ranked number one with Dead Rising 2 making it into Top 5.

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360RRODFIX3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

lol loves this list, if it is multiplat you cant tell how much it sold on each platform, it will annoy fanboys LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!

Droid Smasha3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

1600 MS point cards outsold Move in Sept


DarkFantasy3293d ago

lol how dare a $20-$25 card out sell a $59 item/s(or $99 if where talking the bundle.)

LordMarius3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

lol, i think I will go play Halo: Reach, its so quiet in here

ilikestuff3293d ago

hmmm dont care what sells what, if i bought a great game and i was the only one who bought it at least id be able to enjoy it

blue7xx73293d ago

I can't believe COD Modern Warfare 2 is still selling so well.

solar3293d ago

console gaming is casual gaming. name on the box means more then quality of the product. the uniformed console gamer isnt like that. neither is the uninformed PC gamer. i hope soon the informed console gamer and PC gamer fight for the same cause, put our differences aside and push for great games.

but the day of the hardcore is over. very few titles are going to come our way that isnt shovel ware. rehashed crap from the last title that sold a ton. but when that great title comes, we will buy it in droves. and hopefully show publishers and developers alike that we dont want the same crap in a different skin.

jetlian3293d ago

we push you into shut the hell up. New concepts of gaming are over. All your gonna see is a repackaging of whats here. Theres nothing wrong with MW2 either.

squallheart3293d ago

are u kidding me mw2 is horrible. Its gamers like you that give companies confidence to produce rehashes and horrible games year after year.

jetlian3293d ago

so bad about it? ITS fun and really thats all you need.
I likee BFBC2 over every shooter. What innovative games you think are worth something

cmrbe3293d ago

for once i agree with you. Its the same crap over and over.

Zir03293d ago

Seems a bit pointless without actual numbers. I wonder if Sports Champion managed to chart.

MattyF3293d ago

It makes you wonder now. Dead Rising 2 is number 3, but with combined sales you have to wonder which version sold best and how many of the Top 10 games only placed due to the combined totals.

RememberThe3573293d ago

Birth By Sleep outsold Mafia 2? Hahaha Nice.

OC_MurphysLaw3293d ago

I get what you mean, but to be honest. The whole purpose of NPD Reports is numbers. I mean the whole report is all about digesting sales figures to understand performance in N. America.

air13293d ago

Why do you ppl hate numbers so much? I get that you don't own stock but damn why it has to be about you? I would like to know how well things are selling not just who's 1-10.

It doesn't have to be all about you all the time ya know.

So I agree with the guy above, npd does suck now.

Before you ask no I don't own stock.

cmrbe3293d ago

The number they quote are not the exact numbers. Numbers which other sites like VG use are numbers pulled out of someones ass. What's the point of having numbers when they are not exactly accurate?. What is the freaking point of arguing over inaccurate figures?.

air13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It gives you a "general" idea.

Not everyones world is "perfect" like yours buddy.

Mahr3293d ago

"What's the point of having numbers when they are not exactly accurate?."

Because 'accuracy' does not exist in a binary state, and 'exact accuracy' is not something we even care about anyway. Do you notice how the numbers we get from Halo say 3.3 million and not an *exact* total of 3,328,792? If the margin of error is, say, plus or minus a couple thousand, does it matter? No, because that error essentially disappears when the number is rounded anyway.

This is compared with pure guesswork, where someone might as well just say 'Iunno, the game probably sold like 5 million, right?'

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The story is too old to be commented.