Halo: Reach Tops 3 Million in Sales

IGN: According to the latest data provided by market research group NPD, U.S. sales for Halo: Reach for its launch month hit 3.3 million copies sold.

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Immortal Kaim3291d ago

3.3Mil in the US alone, man those are impressive numbers. Halo actually has pretty long legs as well (as seen by Halo 3 regularly charting in the top 20) so expect it to do well over its lifetime.

billbox20103291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The only other games that beat it were available for more than one platform. It's the biggest exclusive launch in 2010. Good for Bungie, going out with a bang.

EvilBlackCat3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

damn just only 3.3 millions on the u.s. bought an xbox 360 because of halo. ;)

Corepred43291d ago

@blackcat- that's pretty sad man. the 360 has a lot of other games to offer other than just halo. but i guess its up to you.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

What was UC2 sales numbers?

"On 28 September 2010, Naughty Dog announced the title had now sold 3.8 million worldwide."


ArmrdChaos3291d ago

So basically in one years time UC2 has sold 3.8 million worldwide while in one months time in the US alone Reach sold 3.3 million. That is pretty nice.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3291d ago

That is pretty amazing yes. The fact that Xbox users would buy essentially the same game over and over again in such larger numbers and do it with such enthusiasm is extremely amazing, yes.

Oh snap! lol

Bnet3433291d ago

Longrod give it up. You tried trolling and got your butt walloped lol. Just take it and live to fight another day. *hands you tissues* :)

Weaksauce11383291d ago

God of War III just passed 3 mil as well worldwide. Only took 7 months.

mcstorm3291d ago

It should be interesting to see the difference in numbers on Black ops cross platform and just on the 360. I don't know why but I do think reach will be a lot bigger on the 360 than Black ops.

antz11043290d ago

I'd debate with you that your numbers per period of time don't add up but you're out of bubbles.....darn :D

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coolbeans3291d ago

For those wondering, VGChartz gave it higher numbers. About 10-ish% more. Bear in mind that NPD also has a 10 +/- on their charts as well.

nygamer283291d ago

ill pick it up sometime

Light Yagami3291d ago ShowReplies(1)
HeavenlySnipes3291d ago

get any of that? No!? Well then why the fuck are you telling us then. Its like telling me Bill Gates made 20 million yesterday. Why the fuck would I care?

Halochampian3291d ago

why do we care how much an athlete makes? Why do we care how many seats were sold in a game?

Simple: people like knowing. Everything has a stat.

HeavenlySnipes3291d ago

how much an athlete is paid because they are on the team that I buy tickets/jerseys for. They affect the outcome of the teams success. Knowing how much money Microsoft and Bungie got from Reach doesn't make the game better.

If a shitty player on my hometeam is overpaid then he takes away money to get better players.

If Halo made 100000 or 3 il the game will never change.

PS Who cares how many seats are sold in a game?

SixZeroFour3291d ago

with your logic, i could easily make this kind of statement...

i would like to know how many units halo reach sold, cause it is on the console that i buy games for, and it effects the success of the halo franchise (whether or not ms/bungie would think about making more halo games)

now with that said...everything nowadays, whether we care or not (ps, stock/shareholders would care for these numbers), and theres really nothing we can do about it...if "you" dont care for the numbers, then dont waste time reading about them, simple as that

Solidus187-SCMilk3291d ago

if you dont care why do sales of halo make you so butthurt.