IGN Preview: Red Dead Redemption: Zombies Ate My Everything

IGN writes: "I recently sat down with Rockstar to play about an hour's worth of the upcoming expansion to Red Dead Redemption, dubbed Undead Nightmare. I was not prepared for how massive this downloadable add-on is. For just 10 bucks (800 Microsoft points), Rockstar is adding what nearly amounts to a whole new game. There's a roughly six hour storyline, complete with cutscenes and new music. There are all new enemies, mounts to ride, outfits to wear, side-quests and challenges. There's even new multiplayer content (which I can't talk about until next week). This download is, to put it succinctly, absolutely huge. And it's all going to be available October 26."

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mikhail_tisoy3289d ago

FUCK fable3 is coming out same day

WildArmed3289d ago

I can that's gonna push playing this DLC off for a few months xD

Though I dont know at this point in time if i can afford either RDR DLC or Fable 3 =/

King-Leonidas3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Rated E but it says Nudity on the list... hmm, more bewbs

oh Whops it's rated M.

Keith Olbermann3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I saw a piece on Fable 3 on G4 last night. Are the graphics really that bad or did G4 just mess up the way it looks?? I'm not trying to troll here I am just curious because after seeing what G4 was showing I'm wondering if they are using a different engine or something?? Just to offset this a bit I felt the same way about R&C All 4 One video footage.

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Rhezin3289d ago

can't wait to miss that one!

plb3289d ago

I actually wouldn't mind playing it but I have no xbox and whatever happened to the pc version?

40cal3289d ago

PC version is coming a bit later.

Xmanzerox3289d ago

No I want video not some b.s. article. If I want to read I'll go to school and learn my ABD's.

visualb3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

looks good, love the horses idea =D