Aaron Greenberg reveals Xbox 360 NPD hardware sales for September

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed the NPD sales results for the Xbox 360 during the month of September.

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NYC_Gamer3294d ago

Reach did its job for the 360

lociefer3294d ago Show
Rumor3294d ago

I'm not an analyis. Good numbers nonetheless, but I will enjoy my console of choice. Third place or not

deadreckoning6663294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Where the hell did that come from? LOL..defensive much?

Redlogic3294d ago Show
falviousuk3294d ago

Wow, just wow, how many times have people cried REPEAT sales. According to PS3 fanboys on here, there must only be about 100 xbox owners, and each of them have bought about 400,000 consoles each by now. Such absolute crap spewed forth by these idiots such as Redlogic's comment above.

Just wish this kind of stupidity would disappear from here to let the REAL gamers of either platform discuss their love of games

RBlaze3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

... That's the way everyone should look at it! It's good that all the consoles are doing well enough to keep support from devs high! But which sells the most doesn't really matter... The only thing we, as gamers, should be worried about it a console doing a Sega Saturn...

Redlogic... I imagine the Xbox would probably have done worse this month if the original Xbox's failure rate was much less... BUT the console would've sold way more units overall because people would've been less worried about buying one just to break...

drewboy7043294d ago

Many Sales were by old xbox 360 users. Me myself being one of them as I couldn't help but drool over the Halo Reach Console. But even though there is more reason to upgrade to a 360 S than a PS3 slim from the original model. I think both generated sales from early adopters of the console and that while Reach helped obtain many new xbox owners, I think if we take out all the repeat purchasers the 360 still would have won. Just not by that much.

Regardless of who purchased what and why, good for Micro$oft and good for Bungie.

Droid Smasha3294d ago

haha look at the hater tears 360 still kicking ass

The Xbox Empire3294d ago

Rofllllllllllllllllllllllllmmm mmaaaaaooooo

Butthurt to the max

AngryTypingGuy3294d ago

I'm an Xbox guy, so I'm happy to see it doing well, but Rumor has the right outlook on the situation. In the end, all that matters is that you're enjoying your console(s) of choice.

UltraNova3294d ago

Real nice, but lets wait a and see if any Kinect titles will do what the slim and Reach did..

mittwaffen3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Way to hi-jack a post about xbox, what goes on inside your head man? Post something constructive or nothing At all.

It's good to see a system people on here bash so badly doing so well, might teach the hard core fangirls to think before they speaK

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JOLLY13294d ago

That is one heck of a good number. It looks like the outlook for the Xbox isn't so bleak...

ElementX3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I never thought the outlook was bleak, it was the haters and Sony fanboys. I've always said each system has sold enough to maintain developer support.

Imperator3294d ago

You do realize the 360's flagship title just launched right? It was obviously going to get a sales boost, since last since there was nothing big back in Sept. 09.

JOLLY13294d ago

Holy crap....Halo:Reach did 3.3 Million in sales last month.

SixZeroFour3294d ago


thats funny, cause prelaunch ive been reading "anyone who wanted to play halo has already bought a 360"

Imperator3294d ago

@Mr. Anonymous

Lmao, who'd be stupid enough to say something like that? Anyone with a brain would know Reach would impact sales. Maybe not as much as Halo 3, but still. I do remember seeing those comments.

Philoctetes3294d ago

The outlook for the 360 is bright. It continues to sell well, and Kinect figures to put up good numbers for the holiday season, giving Microsoft better access to the casual market.

The outlook for 360 gamers is still pretty rotten though, with very few core exclusives on the horizon and with most of Microsoft's energies going to Kinect instead of core games.

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iPad3294d ago

That's pretty terrible.

When Halo 3 came out, Microsoft sold 700,000 360s in September 07

gamingdroid3294d ago

Is that when you follow up with that Halo: Reach won't push consoles?

Seriously, if Xbox 360 did terrible being in first place then I wonder what Nintendo and Sony has to say for themselves!

Cheeseknight283294d ago

Less people had 360s at the time. You have to realize that there is going to be a point where almost everyone who can afford and does want a 360 will have one. Thus declining sales.

Hallmark Moment3294d ago

LOL You have to go back 3 years to make a moot point about the first next gen Halo pushing consoles.

drewboy7043294d ago

People bought 360's just for Halo 3. There were many hardcore Halo 2 players who waited as long as they could to upgrade but with the Successor to there favorite game only on this new console they had to upgrade. Hardcore Halo fans already had their 360 and many of them can't afford or just don't see the point of buying a new system for a game they can play with their current system.

Still they won the month and they beat their competitors.

Hades13373294d ago

Many people waited for Halo 3 to launch before buying a 360, and it was probably more hyped that Reach due to the conclusion of the main story arc.

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niceguywii603294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Good Lord! almost half a million! I bet around a million(800,000) in the US alone for the next 6 months.

pwnd_of_lol3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"For full disclosure Xbox 360 sold 483,989 consoles, which is a 37% increase over last year...only system up YOY"

I like how Fanboys say " 360 is dying on the shelves"

anyway with the new Halo you know it’s a dead cert for the next couple of months in salles..

gamingdroid3294d ago

What I find interesting is MS actually did it without an actual price drop!

They still have that up their sleeves to boost sale again....

jarrod19813294d ago

i own both systems but sony fanboys are by far the biggest d bags on the planet. no qestion about it.. no ps3 game will ever match the sales of the biggest 360 games. and i dont want to hear the "sales = quality" thing cause if a game sells alot apparently its pretty damn good. millions of people arent going to buy a shitty game.

SaberEdge3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Well people always spin things. One thing people try to do is compare to sales of Wii Fit and sarcastically say "then Wii Fit must be the best game ever".

What they fail to realize is that to the demographic Wii Fit is selling to it obviously is one of the best games out there. That's why they chose to spend their hard earned cash on that game and not something else.

But when you are comparing games that are both targeted at the hardcore gaming market it is completely valid to say that more people prefer that game than the other game. In other words, people vote with their wallet about what they think is the most desireable.

nskrishna23294d ago

MW2 isn't a good game. It still sold millions...just saying

corneliuscrust3294d ago

is a pile of crap.

Doesn't mean that there arent MILLIONS of paying customers that felt differently about it.

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EvilBlackCat3294d ago

"Reach did its job for the 360"

WAIT! i tough that all halo fans already bough a 360 for halo 3.

PRHB HYBRiiD3294d ago

the slim did his job for the 360

SoSLy3294d ago

Gamers doesnt count sales, they play games and enjoy them.

SaberEdge3294d ago

Unless the PS1 or PS2 is in first. In that case you brag it up to the heavens. I love both consoles, but I am sick of the hypocrisy. I guarantee if the PS3 ever surpasses the 360 we will see fanboys talk about it non stop. Suddenly sales will matter again.

Simco8763294d ago

Probably because the Xbox fanboys have been screaming about sales for years now. Why wouldn't they come back and say.... now what?

zimain3294d ago

I remember pre launch of the ps3

PS3 will dominate and destroy the 360

... hmm really

now we're hearing the PS4 will dominate and destroy the 360

... lol

vhero3294d ago

It's done well its just a shame greenburg shows yet again what a tool he is with that statement..

avengers19783294d ago

Since is only coming from greenburg I wouldn't put to much stock in it. Really there is no proof to what he is saying in the article. It even mentions the fact that the NPD stopped reporting hardware sales figures.

seinfan3294d ago

So Halo 3 and ODST didn't move any consoles? How many Halo fanboys waited until Reach came out? I'd guess very few.

Anon19743294d ago

4 out of the last 5 quarters the 360 showed year over year declines. According to NPD data the 360 had flatlined all year in America until the price cut and now, surprisingly, the 360 is still up with the plenty of the lower priced old 360's and bundles still in stock everywhere.

And Greenberg wades right in, crowing like it's some kind of major victory. The last time the 360 had a permanent price cut, sales spiked for 6 months and then fell year over year for an entire year until now because of another price cut, and this price cut isn't even permanent - it's just to get rid of old stock. Someone needs to ask Greenberg when he's not beating his chest for the brilliant move of lowering prices on old consoles if he thinks the 360's slide (4 million fewer consoles sold in the last 18 months according to Microsoft's official data compared to the 18 months prior) is now suddenly over or just halted temporarily until the cheap 360's are finally sold old? That's what I want to know.

And I'd love to hear his thoughts why the 360 has NEVER been able to maintain positive growth worldwide over time. This isn't the first time we've seen the 360 struggle. For awhile in 2007 Microsoft even stopped reporting the actual numbers worldwide due to the year over year declines. It was only when sales picked up again that they started revealing actual numbers in their shareholder briefs again. Have a look at their old financial reports, if you don't believe me.

I've got nothing against the 360, I own one myself and have been loving Halo Reach to death (although that's more a tribute to Bungie) - but I just can't stand when this guy gets up there flapping his gums. Angry villages could burn down the 360 factories and Greenberg would be out the next day, smiling and talking about how "hot" the demand for the consoles is. Seriously, what't this guy's job even? All I ever see him doing is PR spin.

3293d ago
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ArtsyGamer3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

In the United States

Edit - Before he had the title as "Xbox 360 best selling console in September" or something like that.

La Chance3294d ago ShowReplies(4)
big_silky3294d ago

I forgot, Japan is the only one that matters, right?

40cal3294d ago

No single country matters, we all live on the planet Earth. So all of the numbers count, you guys do realize the market is global right?

Armyntt3294d ago

True it is global and i dont play number games but if there is 7 markets (just a random number) and 1 of those 7 is the size of all the other 6 combined (not saying it is) which market do u think your going to go after? The US is the largest market correct? And M$ does well in the UK too right? Ok thats my 2 cents. BTW i could care less if $ony/M$ sell 10 consoles as long as i can play i dont care who "wins".

frostypants3294d ago

Who the hell disagreed with 40cal's comment?

God people are ignorant...

Pedantic913294d ago

Dont make me come over there and slap your sh** Greenberg !

dangert123294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

To be honest i would like to see sales figures removed from n4g as it is just flame bait, if you rather read units sold then real gaming news/reviews/previews etc i'm sure there other sights you can go on reading about units sold is not gaming that finance ain't it? :S

disagree all you want but ask yourself if you would rather read how many units moved then reviews/previews etc are you even a gamer? lol

kaveti66163294d ago

By that logic, this site shouldn't even exist because gamers shouldn't be reading about gaming news (whatever that is), they should just be playing games.

dangert123294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

its news for gamers if a gamer wants to find out about a game what it involes or a service before they buy it i mean why would you want to know how many units it sold unless you want to argue about it in the comments with people you don't know and de bubble them because they hurt your feelings

Oh wait come on lets go invest and play sales units this is so interest id play this over a game anyday sarcasm

gamingdroid3294d ago

You are complaining about it, yet you are here!

If you don't care, don't click on it, don't read it and try and filter it out.

It's one of those things where I don't understand why everyone has to give their opinion if they don't care, as if they do care!

dangert123294d ago


obz i do care thats why i cam in the comments to raise my point

stuna13294d ago

I actually agree with your statement. If the gamer, fanboiz ect. had never been exposed to the financial side of these businesses, the fanboiz wouldn't be as rabid as they are now! Leave the sales projections and earnings to the stockholders.

Armyntt3294d ago

I 100% agree. How does sales figures impact us as gamers. If it was an article sayin that the PS3/360 isnt selling so the company is losing 3rd party support leading to the death of the console. That would be news. But every single month sales data is stupid. It doesnt even matter really the numbers because both sides spin the #'s so much anyways. You can almost copy/paste every single NPD article and #'s are similar and you will see the same stupid fanboy comments every month.

ReBurn3294d ago

Wait a minute. How are console sales figures not news again? Look, if you don't like the console news comments, then just stay out of the threads. That's much easier than expecting absolutely everyone else to conform to how you think it should be.

Armyntt3294d ago

Im not tryin to have people conform to my views. Thats not what i was tryin to say. I just dont see how sales data is "news". If the data was such as to like i said be so low as to where developers have decided to not produce games anymore for said console anymore, that would be news. Or the data shows that console "z" sold a bajillion consoles thus the company decided to start-up more 1st party studios, well once again that is news. Just that explain to me how these and past sales data effects us as gamers. I just dont see it.

Solidus187-SCMilk3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

We cant help it if people want to bitch or boast about numbers.

Its interesting news related to gaming, we can't cater to you because your butthurt your favorite console isnt on top.

Would it not be news if the ps3 surpassed 360 in total sales? Is it not news that the ps3 outsold the wii in america, and the wii is starting to fade.

If you dont like it dont read and don't bother to comment, because you seem hurt by the numbers.

I have a ps3 and 360 and I like to see how they sell, and I like to see the software sales.

I dont care about the order, so I dont bitch. You obviously do care, and people who are hurt by the sales like you come into every article to bitch and moan.

It is news, and no matter how much people like you pretend not to care, we can tell that its your inner fanboy that makes the numbers offensive to you. If you really didnt care you could just look at it because its interesting or ignore it like you would if you really didnt care.

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SilverSlug3294d ago ShowReplies(1)