1UP: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

1UP writes: "'It kind of looks like Little Big Planet.'

I get the first-glance comparison. Maybe it's because ever since the PS3 platformer drew our eyes with its arts and crafts-y aesthetic full of cleverly arranged bric-a-brac, we've yet to see another title pull off that style of carefully constructed simplicity. So when you see Kirby's Epic Yarn's fantastically vibrant visuals -- also featuring a yarn-spun protagonist -- well, it's human nature to categorize and relate the new to the old."

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Cyrus3653289d ago

Looks to be a must own game for Wii Owners.

MachinaMaw3289d ago

The level designs are fantastic. Looks so innovative and refreshing as well.

dgroundwater3288d ago

For sure this is getting a spot on the shelf by year's end. A good honest platformer is never a bad thing.

Rampaged Death3289d ago

So happy at the game getting the review it deserves but pissed off with Nintendo delaying it in Europe.

Shoko3289d ago

The Wii's kickin some ass this year.

Cyrus3653289d ago

I dunno, there are a few good titles, but i wouldn't say kicking ass.

eagle213288d ago

He is right: the Wii is kickin' some ass this year! :)

I play it way more than PS3 (and enjoy it more). :)

DHEvil3289d ago

What are you talking about? Yarn/Burlap. Simplicity. Colour.

live2play3289d ago

KEY wasnt inspired by LBP nor the other way around.
yoshis island=crayon
paper mario=paper
kirbys epic yarn= very old kirby yarn commercial (look it up on the tube)

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