Wanted: Publisher to Aid in PSN Port

VVVVVV recently won the “Fun and Compelling” award at this year’s IndieCade. asks creator, Terry Cavanagh, if there are plans to port the game over to other platforms.

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TheOldOne3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

this game looks like it will be amazingly fun to play. it looks challenging aswell.

oh yh and why is the game called: VVVVVV


tanman7773291d ago

very fun and challenging. and it is called VVVVVV because of the colors/names of the 6 characters. check out the demo.

BlackIceJoe3291d ago

This would be one awesome PSMini game. So I hope VVVVVV can make it onto PSN. I think it would be cool to take the game on the go with the PSP & when at home hook it up to the TV for some big screen action.

callahan093291d ago

This is a game of the year candidate for me. I played this game to death. Got all 20 of the collectible disc things (forget what they're officially called). Really challenging and satisfying game. Love the art and music in this game. The level designs are devious and brilliant and complement the simple mechanics of the gameplay very well. It's really pretty much a perfect game.

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