E4G: Killzone 3 impressions

E4G: Killzone 3 has one hell of an act to follow. Killzone 2 still stands as a shining example of first person (near) perfection, having taken onboard the criticism of the first game Guerrilla Games then proceeded to make everything bad, brilliant and make everything good, great. In many ways Killzone 3 will be like the successor to Uncharted 2, in that many gamers will wonder how the hell the game can get any better.

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Hitman07693294d ago

I loved Killzone 3 when I played it at E3. The 3DHD and Move support are definitely factors but I can tell you from playing it on DualShock 3 in HD that its great whether you care about those features or not. Keeps all the things that were great about the original and makes many great improvements!

plb3294d ago

How the graphics compare to KZ2? It's hard to tell from youtube videos

Fred-G-Sanford3294d ago

LOL @ "Killzone 2 still stands as a shining example of first person (near) perfection".

Seriously, come on now.
Killzone 2 has the worst controls/controller lag I have ever seen in a modern FPS. It's beyond laughable.

The only people that deny that fact are blind fanboys (and the developers, sadly).

4me23294d ago

I'm not going to deny that K2 had lag problem with controllers. Actually I confirm that (just to make you happy). But the lag it not something that would prevent anyone from from playing the game. For me is not a big deal. In fact it made the game more difficult ... and a like difficult. There is a difference between slight lag and unplayable one.
You play, you recognize that, you adjust , you think ahead and you can have fun despite lag problem. But I guess that just me and I am glad we all have choices. For example I do not like MW2 but millions do.
For me MW2= (Spawn+Run+Shoot+Die)*Repeat --> all of it in few seconds.
People often complain about noobtubes , campers ... well it is in the game so change your tactics, out maneuver them and win it! Personally I hate campers(unless you defending something) and if I find one, that annoys me sufficiently, I will do my best to make sure that his spot is very unfriendly even if I go 1:20 K/D.

Fred-G-Sanford3294d ago

"But the lag it not something that would prevent anyone from from playing the game."

That simply isn't true.

I'm glad (sincerely) that it didn't bother you, but MANY people feel that the game is broken due to the lag issue.

If you don't believe that, just do a Google search for "Killzone 2 Lag" and look at the amount of complaints. How many other FPS games have page after page of controller complaints?

The game is a graphical powerhouse with truly horrible controls.
It's as simple as that.

I am able to recognize (and accept) that because I don't worship everything that Sony does.
Most of the posters here on N4G can't say the same.

IHateYouFanboys3294d ago

@Fred-G-Sanford: "Killzone 2 has the worst controls/controller lag I have ever seen in a modern FPS. It's beyond laughable.

The only people that deny that fact are blind fanboys (and the developers, sadly)."

the thing is, even the developers admitted that there was ~200ms of input lag - the fanboys just wouldnt admit it, despite the developers they love saying its there.

i LOVED killzone on the PS2. it had the 'weighty' controls but without any input lag, just like Battlefield Bad Company 2. Killzone 2 though, i wanted to love it, i tried to love it, but as soon as i got to top rank online i stopped playing. you shouldnt have to 'put up' with input lag. you shouldnt look at it like 'its different, so i need to learn how to do it'. the reason other games dont have input lag is because its not a good thing, and noone wants it. you want responsive controls, and input lag is the direct opposite of that.

after GG said theyve completely eliminated the input lag in KZ3, it rocketed straight back up my list from 'probably wont buy' to 'definitely will buy'.

lets just hope the campaigns not as boring as Killzone 2s, and that your viewpoint isnt that of a young midget.

Fred-G-Sanford3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yes, I am very encouraged by GG's claim that they have "fixed" the controls for KZ3.

I'm going to rent the game first, though, just to be on the safe side.

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beavis4play3294d ago

your act really is getting old.

Fred-G-Sanford3294d ago

Grow up.

My posts are simply my opinions about the current state of gaming.

If you disagree with them you can say so, but trying to reduce them to nothing more than "trolling" is lame.

You do realize that for months after the release of Killzone 2 the only thing being talked about was the horrible controls, don't you?

dkblackhawk503294d ago

I got in the beta! Sucks to be you guys :P

-Alpha3294d ago

Man I'm very jealous, I'd love to actually test it and leave feedback instead of having people just use the chance to play it early.

karl3294d ago

well. i was feeling bad enough already for not getting into it..

thx dude.. hope u report lots of bug.. do your part =P

Hitman07693294d ago

Aw totally sick bro!!!!!!!

monkpunk13294d ago

me too been playing non stop virtually for 3 days.... A little hint its good....very good.

CovertGunman3294d ago

Saw this while at E3. Didn't have a chance to play it, but nonetheless, it's still looking good.

Chefooba3294d ago

It's got MASSIVE competition with the CoD crew... I suppose its refreshing compared to all the realistic modern conflict shooters of the day though.

Hitman07693294d ago

What game doesn't have massive competition with COD? Who cares though I play what I like not what will sell great :)

mrv3213294d ago

Black Ops is the opposite of both realism and 'modern conflict' the cold war is over.

STICKzophrenic3294d ago

I can't wait to play Killzone 3. Killzone 2 is why I bought a PS3 and I wasn't disappointed. Hopefully Killzone 3 improves on a couple key areas (co-op campaign and bonafide party system).

Does Killzone 3 have a set release date yet?

cochise3133294d ago

yeah it will be released in late february

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