Lens of Truth - Dead Rising 2: Review

Lens of Truth writes"If you have been a fan of Capcom, then you know they just can’t let any game be a one hit wonder. In true Capcom fashion, we get a sequel to their zombie bashing, cult hit, Dead Rising. This time around Capcom spared no expense in promoting this title. So check out this inFocus to see if Capcom was right in resurrecting this Dead Rising, or if the money would have been better spent on bringing the original Marvel vs Capcom to a console."

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donkeydoo3287d ago

Not much new here, I agree with the review.

Perjoss3287d ago

even with its flaws I still much prefer the first game. DR2 is too easy and the story is just not as good as the first. Locations in DR2 were almost the same too, still a shopping mall, even had an under construction area just like the first game :(

FACTUAL evidence3287d ago

I'll give it a 9. I only need 72k kills and 6 mill spent for platinum trophy. Yesterday I could of had 72k but the 72 hours died on me....I had 70.2k kills.

AKS3286d ago

Wow, you almost getting 72,000 kills yesterday totally totally changed my perspective about this game. It's now officially my Game of the Year. Thanks for sharing that anecdote and contributing so much to this conversation.

RudeSole Devil3287d ago

Yea little disappointing, felt all to familiar.

Shogun Master3287d ago

yeah this game was a let down. Will be a bagin binner in a few months.

Joe Bomb3287d ago

i agree it was too short but if you like zombie games you should definitley play it.

Sea_Man3287d ago

Man this game was a blast. I said it before and I'll say it again... Their coming... Better get ready!

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The story is too old to be commented.