GT5’s Damage, Endurance Races Discussed at Room299 Press Event


Sony hosted a small group of media at their Benelux headquarters in Amsterdam, yesterday, and our own Blitz187 was on hand to catch any and all new tidbits of information that might emerge (this event took place before the delay was officially confirmed). As usual, Sony was extremely tight-lipped about the game’s details and did not use the event to reveal any major new features.

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popup4727d ago

Saving in endurance races sounds great!

EvilBlackCat4727d ago

that mean that rewind is an excellent idea too?

i mean come on how can that be a simulation feature?

AntoineDodson4727d ago

Because pausing your progress is the exact same as undoing your mistakes of course..

Good logic :\

DigitalAnalog4727d ago

"i mean come on how can that be a simulation feature?"

So, according to you, if you play GT5 and you crash into a wall and you don't ACTUALLY flip from your sofa. That doesn't qualify as a "simulation"..

-End statement

d3nworth14726d ago

Have you ever did an endurance race for GT3 or GT4? When they say 4 hour and 8 hour races them mean you sit on your a$$ for 4 and 8 hours and race. Some people don't have time. I didn't thats 1 reason why I never finished GT4. Saving during endurance races great idea end of story.

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xTruthx4727d ago

Yeah evil because everyone can stay for 24 hours straight looking at the TV. You know there are 24 hour races? You dont got a life or something ?

dirtydbz4727d ago

not to mention a 24 hour race usually involves a team ( they don't let one guy race for 24hours in real life)
on another note there is a guy who has set up a racing rig and is planning on racing for 24hours straight and posting his results truly this guy is nuts but more power to him
that is the link to the thread

Proxy4726d ago

Will he be wearing a man diaper?

ilikestuff4727d ago

dont hate the save game feature, wouldnt be able to finish those kind of races without that. word, word up

jerethdagryphon4727d ago

no its not it deafeats the object

if you save and later mess up you revert it simplifies

it endurence is endurence

ThatArtGuy4726d ago

Well, they could always delete the save after you have loaded it. FFT: Advanced did this. It prevented that exact situation while giving you the convenience of a save file.

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mike90774727d ago

thank god idk if i could play for 24 hours straight

Jls14727d ago

back in gt4 I let comp drive and left ps2 on all night lol then when I got up he was behind so I had to catch up

49erguy4727d ago

I used to just pause it when I went to sleep and skipped the day of school to get 8 more hrs in. Took me 3 days. And I'd do it again, and will this holiday season.

BUT....what will happen with a convertible in the rain? LOL

foss34727d ago

will we still be able to use some rubber bands and auto-pilot the suzuki escude around high test ring endurance?

N4GAddict4727d ago

I hope GT5 comes out this year

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PlayStation 3: chasing the 1080p dream, part three - Gran Turismo 5 and the indie explosion

From Digital Foundry: "Welcome to the third part in the biggest DF Retro episode we've ever produced - a year-by-year look at how 1080p gaming fared on the PlayStation 3. Launched in 2007 touting its then-exclusive HDMI digital interface, Sony layered full HD gaming on top of its Cell processor and RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' as key selling points for its third generation console. Of course, we all know how that turned out - both Sony and Microsoft machines routinely ran the most advanced titles at sub-720p resolutions, often with questionable performance, so what happened to the 1080p dream?

In the first two parts of John Linneman's investigation, we've covered off the first four years of the Triple's lifecycle and moving into 2010, the overall fortunes of the PlayStation 3 continued to improve. The platform holder released - what was then - the most advanced motion controller in the console space, backed up by experiments with stereoscopic 3D, which turned out to be a short-lived but still formidable pairing. Combined with a strong E3 showing, PS3 was looking good.

However, it's fair to say that it was a fallow year for 1080p gaming on the system, with only Scott Pilgrim Saves The World's razor-sharp pixel art upscaling, Castle Crashers and Soldner X2's 3D/FMV stylings accommodating full HD output - alongside a wonderful Monkey Island remaster."

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ApocalypseShadow425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Just remember ladies and gentlemen, Sony never said all games would be 1080p. Only that the system would support games up to 1080p in a survey before the system was released.
And as we saw, some games did support it, some games tried their best to support it and some games didn't or never reached it.

Is a higher resolution great to have if you can do it? Sure. Is it necessary for a fun game? No

But what I find interesting is Eurogamer. Are they really talking about HD and PS3 in their article or are they really pushing their 4.50 Euros 4K video download subscription? Seems one is being used to sell the other. Just look at the bottom of the article.