Medal Of Honor Vs. Call Of Duty, In Times Square

Kotaku: We showed you the ad for Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops that's plastered just north of Manhattan's Times Square. Let's balance that with a look at the rival Medal of Honor ad that almost has it in its sights.

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-Mezzo-3286d ago


I can't wait to see how Black Ops turns out to be, so far i am having a blast with MOH.

SpaceSquirrel3286d ago

I think Black Ops will turn out great.

BannedForNineYears3286d ago

I have full confidence in Treyarch.
I loved WaW.
WaW>>>>>>MW 2.

Imperator3286d ago

Indeed. Zombies alone will be awesome.

foss33286d ago

I was preparing myself for a let-down but so far I've really enjoyed MoH.

I finished the campaign (which was really short.. felt like 5-6 hours max) but I enjoyed it. Personally I felt it was inferior or both MW1, MW2 and BFBC2 for campaign.. maybe it was just too short but it was also not as varied. I also thought the helicopter mission wasn't going to be on rails which it was, and that let me down.

I've played about 2hrs of multiplayer and it's a lot different than the Beta which sucked. I'm having a blast actually and it feels more like BFBC2 than MW2. I was also pleasantly surprised that you could use tanks as I thought there were no vehicles.

Overall I feel MoH deserves about an 85/100. I only wish I could play as the Ta1iban :(

MAR-TYR-DOM3286d ago

They arent even close together in the video. For an average non gamer they wont even notice it.

ReservoirDog3163285d ago

Yeah I'm really satisfied with MoH so far. Just finished the singleplayer (was a respectable length, don't know why they said it was a short and terrible singleplayer, was actually pretty good), the multiplayer's actually fun to a guy who hates multiplayer and my first FPS was MoH Frontline so I'm loving that it was remade.

And Black Ops is actually lookin good to a guy that hates activision. They're so far apart, everyone should just get both.

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Valay3286d ago

I have to say, advertisements basically have no affect on me.

ilikestuff3286d ago

gotta disagree, subway commercials make me hungry, but as far as games go, agreed

foss33286d ago

Ads affect me as it makes me interested in some games. I've only ever bought one game based only on the commercial and that was Ace Combat 4 for PS2. The commercial made it look so badass but when I got it I played with some friends and we just got bored.

I recently bought Dead Rising 2 based on "ads" as far as previews on web sites and comments from people. There were some negatives but overall I thought it would be good. Nope boring as hell.

Neckbear3286d ago

You probably keep a close eye on upcoming games, know how they might turn out, read reviews, etc.

Advertisement is directed toward those who have a console but don't read gaming news nor know about these games, and say:

"Hey, I saw this on TV! It looked cool, perhaps I should buy it."

kaveti66163286d ago

that's the beauty of advertising. you don't even know that they're influencing your shopping decisions.

everyone who is exposed to marketing ads is affected by them.

geth1gh3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

edit: wrong reply

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Wii360BeatsPS33286d ago

Most gaming sites are nothing but advertisements for new games. You think it's just chance that sites like IGN called Black Ops AAA the other day in it's preview?. They're all working together to sell you games, and you say you're not affected by it, lol. They've got you by the balls and you don't even know it.

mikhail_tisoy3286d ago

it cost 350k + a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Axecution3286d ago

Why does anybody care that there are 2 signs for 2 different games in Times Square? xD

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