Resistance 3 partially set in Africa? For God's sake, Insomniac, learn from Capcom

GamesRadar: While I doubt that Chimeran rights groups are going to be up in arms over this one, the seeming revelation of a partially African setting in Resistance 3 is certainly an eyebrow lofter. If reports from Game Informer - and my own skilled between-line-reading abilities - are to be believed, anyway.

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SuperStrokey11233293d ago

Oh for gods sake, are they really that desperate for articles?

Fishy Fingers3293d ago

I think it's just gamesradar usual thing of trying to inject a bit of humour in there, the second line is actually, "No claims of racism against Chimera yet though...",

But yeah, it's just the same R3 details that have been posted here a few days ago. Nothing new in there.

Lifendz3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I don't think the whole "Black zombie" controversy arose simply because the game was set in Africa. I think those that weren't simply screaming racism for the sake of screaming racism were complaining about RE5's depiction of Africa (a continent) as some fictional country. What comes along with that is a misrepresentation about the area as a whole and the customs and makeup of the area.

Africa, Japan, America, whatever. If your going to set your game in a specific locale I think we're at the point where a little accuracy isn't too much to ask.

I do wish Resistance 3 was dropping this holiday season. If you're not a COD fan there really isn't much to get excited over now that GT5 was pushed back.

RedDead3293d ago

I think the whole racist thing came about because the first screens just showed black people running at chris, it didn't look like zombies, just black people, knives and a white man shooting at them.

ico923293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

People didn't think RE5 was racist because of black zombies and a white guy killing black people because there have been tons of games like that (hitman, Vice City etc) Thats an ignorant conception,you guys have to put people in the shoes of non gamers.
When people 1st saw the trailer of RE5 it reminded them of those old 1930's adventure serials where white Christian explorers ventured into the dark continent and battled dark skinned savages,
now as an African i did not find this offensive in the slightest i had a blast playing that game but from the non gamer point of view, a person who knew nothing about this game wouldn't be without speculations , but anyway who cares RE5 kinda sucked imo major dissapointment and R3 is looking to be awesome regardless if its set in africa or not

barom3293d ago

What does "learn from Capcom" mean? What's the problem with having Africa as a setting?

RankFTW3293d ago

Oh they better not make this a racist game. I expect to see black people, brown people, yellow people, white people, blue people, pink people, purple people, clowns and dwarves.

Rumor3293d ago

As a black guy, this topic is completely racists. Insomniac can have there game any where they want! Hell, and re5 didn't even portray anytging racist. Ignorant assholes cry pity to this shit. Games are games, end story...this site fails

sikbeta3293d ago

learn from Capcom? ehh.... sorry, I want an Awesome sequel, not average....

morganfell3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Misrepresentation of Africa? I have been there several times and isn't a great gathering of people in beautiful colored clothes sitting at a bountiful feast singing songs from the Lion King. Quite a bit is worse than depicted in RE5.

Nigeria was a craphole. When we rented a private plane to fly from Jburg to Malawi it wasn't a picture postcard. What a slum. Trying to get to get around in Tanzania was something no one should waste time doing as it was like dealing with a pack of hyenas in a ghetto.

I have been to Djibouti more times than I can count. Let's say it was good we were armed.

Zanzibar though, diving there was something not to be missed.

HolyOrangeCows3293d ago

Oh Gamesradar, so pathetic.

blumatt3293d ago

Finally, someone of African decent who isn't going to play the race card. It's good to see that you aren't offended by RE5 having black zombies. I think some people just like to scream racism over any little thing. I'm glad you have some common sense and don't instantly see it as racist. Much respect from this honky. lol

maruyuki3293d ago

if anything its going to be the opposite of re5

re5 was about killinga africans

this game is probably going to be about working with africans

TronEOL3293d ago

Well videogames are made for gamers, not "non-gamers".

Sure, it might hurt their feelings a bit, but the reason they made the people the way they did, was to tell a story and make it seem more authentic.

I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that I was in a small village-like area that didn't seem very progressed (RE5), but they had every race in the world hanging out. It just looked silly and out of place.

I don't know why Capcom gave in to the press. Free publicity is always a win. Not to mention Capcom wouldn't lose sales because non-gamers weren't going to buy their game.

Racism is called on for everything nowadays. It's sort of losing it's meaning.

Steve_03292d ago

Why the hell would you rent a private plane to get from Jburg to Malawi?
More to the point, what did you find wrong about the country? Where did you visit? I happen to live here (Malawi), and despite many shortcomings, It's a great experience.
I can see where you're coming from, especially if you were expecting some luxury holiday, but there's many parts of Africa I've seen thats pretty developed. I could take pictures of Cape Town, Durban, Botswana and Kenya that people would swear was somewhere in Europe.

morganfell3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

We rented a private plane and it wasn't about luxury. You are dead wrong. We flew it ourselves. My girlfriend at the time was a US Army Blackhawk pilot with an international fixed wing license. I navigated while she flew. It was a Cessna 182, not a lear jet. We rented it because that was part of the adventure. Too muche Saint Exupery perhaps. An if you will bother to read you will see the issue was in SA and Jburg.

No luxury for us. We did out trip on a shoestring. But I had to wrestle a guide to the ground in Malawi that tried to walk off with a regulator when we were finishing up a dive. The Selous was breathtaking but so much of that continent in a horrendous state where people will kill each other over nothing.

Trying to prevent a portrayal of some very horrendous real conditions as a backdrop to a sci fi game by screaming racism is pathetic. Part of equality is the equality to be potrayed in movies and games with all of your warts. Take your lumps like every other race. Whether it is white guys dancing, the Spaniards in RE4, or Africans in RE5.

Its nice to only want to see a certain side to the machete killing and rape capital of the world but facts are stubborn things. Maybe you'll get lucky and RE6 will be about dumb hick, bigoted zombies from the southern US that make you squeal like a pig before they rape and eat you...or eat and rape you.

stuntman_mike3292d ago

you have been to zanzibar outer heaven where metal gear was lol

Steve_03292d ago

Ahh, ok. I get the idea behind the plane. Sounds pretty cool.
Sorry, you weren't specific about area, I thought you'd meant Africa as a whole. I understand what you're saying, we've got loads of problems here that most wouldn't think about. Corruption is a huge problem in most of Africa. I'm sorry to hear you had trouble here, but it's not the norm for tourists. At least, it never used to be. Crime has only really begun to be a problem in the last 10 years or so, and even then I've no trouble walking around at night, meeting strangers, picking up hitch-hikers and such. I knew a guy who never once locked his car in the 6 years he was here. Leaving laptops and such inside, with the window open. Sure I also know about people who've had their cars hi-jacked, but compared to most places it's not bad.
Like I said, corruption and health care are our biggest problems. That and the power of the government, if they want they can deport you, search your home, throw you in jail without the need for warrants or anything.
No arguments about RE5, it was a rubbish representation of any African country. But, you have to agree that there's a lot of pressure stopping them from doing anything accurate, no matter the location. It's odd, movies and books, likeness is not a problem. But games is a different story. Remember the trouble Resistance had for close resemblance of one level to a Church in England?

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GWAVE3293d ago

The storyline for the Resistance series has always been something special and it has always been presented in a unique way. I can't wait to see what Insomniac does with R3.

deafwing3293d ago

" ... humans eating humans ..."

well damn, things have gone off the road

tinybigman3293d ago

gamesradar shut the hell up.

PS3_lifer3293d ago

No clicky from me. RS3 will be epic! XO


Is the writer of this article that big of a fucking idiot? Apparently, too him the Chimara's are African lolz. The reason why Resident Evil 5 was controversial was because you have a white guy killing zombies that were African,BUT Not all of them were black which was the funny part, but you get what I'm saying.

Bnet3433293d ago

And just to add, just because a game is set in Africa does not mean you will be seeing black people. Halo takes place in Africa when they are fighting on Earth and all I saw was aliens. People really need to get a grip with the race stuff. We're all one race - human.

kparks3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

WOW racist!!! lol JK but RE5 is the fist thing i thought about.. these writes are stupid haha but anyway article is trolling for hits need to be removed

ico923293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

the point i was trying to make was the RE5 race controversy was MASSIVLEY overblown, when in reality it was just a big misunderstanding, between the gaming community, the non gaming community and the Capcom developers, but the thing that bothered me the most , was how the gaming community viewed this and Thats what bothered me the onslaught of ignorant comments like "if you don't like RE5 then go back to Africa" how can you defend RE5 for being racist by being racist yourself, the gaming community jumped to the conclusion that this game was considered racist because of a white guy killing blacks, this wasn't true. anyway the its not as if the game was like this....

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-Mezzo-3293d ago

Simply taking the story to that region is not Racist at all, it how to portray it & i'm sure Insomniac will do a much better job than Capcom did.

limewax3293d ago

To be honest the japs arent known for handling any situations with the delicacy the deserve....Look at the stuff they pump out as games, catherine lol and not to mention the dreaded rapelay. I did expect more from capcom though

visualb3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

is in itself racist.

gamesradar are so childish...they don't act like grown ups at all, unbelievable

farhsa20083293d ago

I am glad, although i really hope England is in the game aswell, it would really top it off if Rachel Parker was narrating too.

panasonic233293d ago

RE5's "problems" wasn't just Africa it was Africa+Tribal Outfits+Steal gold buy guns to shoot more Africans with so from the outside looking in, it looks bad. However the funny thing is no black person I know called RE5 racist, in fact black people(except the ones that are stupid criminals) don't actually play the race card in real life unless there's a legit reason. White people and white guilt are the ones who go out on these ridiculous limbs.

cochise3133293d ago

yeah i re5 didn't offend me at all. it just goes with the story line. just like re4 was spanish people. it just shows different contries effected with the virus.

Lord Gunchrote3293d ago

As a black dude I'm glad to say you hit it on the head with that one. RE5 didn't bother me. The African setting was actually complete bull because it was unnecessary and uninspired. Fun game though.

Blaster_Master3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Gamesradar = Racist. Their subconscience is messing with them.