Major Nelson Confirms: No XBL Friends List Extension

Today, there have been rumors that the Xbox LIVE friends list would be extended to 1000 people. This rumor came from Xbox Germany and has since been shut down by Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson via his Twitter feed, Director of Programming at Xbox.

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HeroXIV3758d ago

Knew it. Expanding features of XBLA seems like too much of a logical thing for Microsoft to do.

mcroddi3758d ago

Would have been TOO convinient - I did not need a 1000 but maybe 200 - 250... FUTUREPROOF!

RonyDean3758d ago

Wish I was as popular as you. I only have 15 friends on mine... : (

OneSneakyMofo3758d ago

So where's my extra $10 going to?

It certainly isn't games.

kaveti66163758d ago

you actually have a 360 and are currently paying for LIVE?

Let's see? What kind of a person purchases a product and then proceeds to bitch about it incessantly?

Biggest3758d ago

The kind of person that is unhappy with their purchase. Give me a harder question!

cmrbe3758d ago

complaining about another person complaining?

gamingdroid3758d ago

What kind of person complains about other peoples issues?

What kind of person complains about a product they don't own or care to buy?

What kind of person buys something complains about it, but continues to use it?

In all cases, it's the person that is the issue, not the product! Maybe it wasn't for you.

kaveti66163757d ago

If he's unhappy with his purchase, that's one thing. But when someone tries to make other people who are satisfied with their purchase feel bad by trolling, then that person is an asshole.

Just because you're not happy with your 360, doesn't mean other people are not. You self-centered trolls need to get the fuck off this site. If you feel like shit, too bad for you. Life fucks everybody.

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stiggs3758d ago

Don't complain just to complain. It makes you look like an obnoxious fool.

How many fake friends do you need? I have 6 people in my friends list all of which are people that I interact with outside of XBOX Live.

MisterNiwa3758d ago

It's a new dashboard design. That's why u pay 10$ more each month.

mcroddi3758d ago

LOL - I am just saying - it would be nice to have the limit extended.

Fishy Fingers3758d ago

Who needs a 1000 friend spots anyway? I can see a few people wanting the cap extended, but by 10 times?

Boody-Bandit3757d ago

I capped out one time. Ended up dropping 40 or so a few months back since most of them haven't been on in ages. I play with maybe a handful of the 50 to 60 I have left. 100 is plenty.

Stryfeno23758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I don't even have 1000 friends in real life.

air13758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

1000 friends really isnt needed but damn give that price hike some kinda justification, other then "we havnt raised it since day one"

nothing is worse then a price hike with nothing to show for..

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