Fallout: New Vegas Hands-On Impression (Retail Build) | JPS

"In just less than a week, RPG fans who loved Fallout 3 can finally go delve deeper into the heart of New Vegas as the latest game in the series will be out on October 19th. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for as New Vegas arrived in my doorstep this week. Since all reviews are embargoed until Tuesday, October 19th, I would like to share my first hour impression of playing Fallout: New Vegas." - JPS


the article was taken down per request of Bethesda Softworks.

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ShadyDevil3756d ago

This game looks to be a GOTY contender already! Jeez

mugoldeneagle033756d ago

New Vegas is easily the game I'm looking forward to most. TUESDAY!!!!!!

limewax3756d ago

Then I shall wait and buy the GOTY edition like any other clever fallout fan

Trizard3756d ago

Ah god, I just got jizz on my keyboard just by thinking about New Vegas. Has this happened to anyone else?

Chuk53756d ago

Weel, that was a lame preview. I almost seems like the author didn't play the game. All he did was describe the opening, which was described in countlees other previews weeks ago. I WANT TEHH GAMEEZZ!!!1!!1!!

RankFTW3756d ago

That would be because it isn't a review.

plb3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Wish they could have at least updated the graphics a bit. They aren't terrible but definitely dated. Never played the previous version but I heard lots of problems on the PS3 version on the PS blog. Hopefully the one doesn't suffer the same fate. Will wait for reviews.

imvix3756d ago

The game had great graphics on the PC. Specially with some mods. My brother who was playing this on the PS3 looked like a different game, not to mention the low fps on the PS3 version.

Allowen3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I will wait for the reviews before I buy Fallout NV at the

If this FO game was made by Bethsoft it self I would have bought it at the pre order around 6 months ago.
I have faith that this game will be as good as Fo3 and maybe even more addicting.But I'm still waiting for some reviews.

Substance1013756d ago

Yep waiting on a review myself before i buy this. Though i got so many games left to play on my steam account, might just wait for the winter discounts to pick this up. I am sure Steam will have this up for discount on the winter holiday sales.

Triggs3756d ago

I'm on the other side of the spectrum - I waited for the reviews before buying Fallout 3 because they were made by Bethesda, and not the original developers Black Isle Studios (now Obsidian). But Fallout 3 became a very pleasant experience and stayed true to the Fallout series. Now with Obsidian at the helm using Bethesda's engine, I'm very sure the adventure will not be disappointing and will be very rich. Tuesday is taking too long.