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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "It's almost time for both Sony and Microsoft to enter the motion and gesture based controls market. For what seems like an eternity, we've heard each company praise their specific platform as the best choice for consumers, but it's only recently that the general public has been able to get their hands on (or off in the case of Kinect) these new pieces of technology."

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dtrain213699d ago

Of course Kinect will come out on top. I'm goin to predict that the reviews for Kinect games will be way better than Move games

plb3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Move has sold nearly half a million units in a month and has not even released in Japan and other places yet. Kinect won't sell at all in Japan...FACT. I'm not saying Kinect won't sell in other places but I'd wait before you make such claims

muDD3699d ago

What is your point?? Japan has different tastes when it comes to gaming, and that country is simply biased... They will literally kill for their sony.

PS3_lifer3699d ago

Jesus Christ are they seriously comparing a 1:1 tracking system that's been proven to work against something like Kinect? The reason why people hate on Kinect as much as they do is because the hardware/software is faulty. It's junk and the community knows it. It's only the fanboys that are in denial and I'll probably get down-voted for this but the truth must be spoken!

Video of Kinect actually working as promised or GTFO.

OC_MurphysLaw3699d ago

Your screen name makes anything you say on this topic null and void.

On topic.... Can we atleast wait to do these "comparisons" when both techs have been released? I am sure that most here will see as the better of the two given its immediate cross over to hardcore games. So I am not going to try and profess anything other can't compare two peices of tech when one is not even out on the market yet.

Call me silly but trying to base a comparison of either tech while at PAX seems a bit stupid. Given both rely heavily on camera (kinect even more so) it seems this would be less than ideal.

You all can hate on it officially in a month, for now...lets just move on and talk about games coming that we want to play.

Trroy3699d ago

Actually Move has sold a half million units in the US alone, in one month.

It's closer to 1 million WW.

PS3_lifer3699d ago


Since you fail to provide video I'll go ahead and do it for you.

I think your whole argument just became null and void.

mugoldeneagle033699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I don't own a 360, think Kinect is way more casual than people think, own a Move, and love it. But I actually think Kinect can make a dent in Japan.

I read a bunch of previews and listened to tons of podcasts over TGS and beyond, and the thing I heard most is that Microsoft is throwing a lot of money at the Japanese developers first this time around, telling them to develop from the ground up for it. And it seems like they will be the ones leading the charge in something other than just casual games.

Now by dent I'm NOT saying it's gonna revive the 360 or beat the PS3/Wii or any of that. 360 will still come in last. But I do think that the Japanese market will support Kinect for the most part.

If you wanna hear a great discussion about it, download 8-4 Plays first or second podcast. That's the one I liked most (and it's a damn good gaming podcast in general)

Disagrees defend yourselves too, I'm open for a debate

OC_MurphysLaw3699d ago are right I didn't post a video so clearly I fail. Posting video of half hearted attempts to play a game that shouldn't have been made to begin with makes you obviously correct.

Kingmitch233699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I'm actually in the same situation as you (don't own 360) and I agree with your point. (to an extent)

I don't think it will push many 360's in Japan but do think that if what you said was true, and my recollection of TGS says it is, (that Japanese devs are getting support) then the 360 owners in japan will ensure that it is not a failure. And of course good software (I haven't seen much for kinect yet) would help the kinect worldwide.

but just wanted to say thank you for a non fanboyish comment while still making a point on an article like this

bubble 4 u

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GlowingPotato3699d ago

kinect its way more interesting, due its new technology. But its total FAIL.

Otherwise, move has cool games and its "real" if u know what i mean.

cochise3133699d ago

have you seen some of those kinects games? name one that actually looks good. i know i'm not buying that BS.

Zir03699d ago

Kinect will win in terms of adoption, plus it will have a much high attach rate for games. 3rd party support for Kinect is also looking a lot more promising than Move's too.

Keith Olbermann3699d ago

sony's first party support looks better than anything third party on Kinect. If you think making a meaningful game on Kinect will be easier than making it on Move for third parties you are insane.

sdtarm3699d ago

sure with more than five respected devs sayin that workin for kinect is a headache :/

cochise3133699d ago

why does sony need 3rd party when they have the best 1st and 2nd party games this generation.

GWAVE3699d ago

Sony has been getting 3rd party support from the likes of EA in Dead Space and Tiger Woods, and CAPCOM in RE5. How can you compare that to the "support" Kinect has been getting?

BillOreilly3699d ago

I agree every game from tgs looks promising plus all the sports exc, but the only game for move is sorcery. I would use the pad for killzone, socom and all existing games. Move is far more precise but kinect has exclusives for it that are far more interesting. Ms is very smart making all games be built only for kinect so dev dont add motion controls as an afterthought or option. This will mean many new exclusives and huge support from us and japanese developers. Sony hasnt given a reason to buy move except sorcery and sport champions. They need move games to only use move to make them interesting and make people buy move.

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Agent-863699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I'm mostly a PC gamer, so I'm not really into the whole motion control business. However, of the three systems, the Sony Move is the only one that looks appealing to me. The Wii is just too inaccurate and the SD resolution is a real turn-off (once you go HD, it's impossible to go back). The Kinect is mostly promises and potential, but just doesn't look like it's ready for primetime and the games look like casual crap. Only the Sony Move has true 1:1 tracking and can be used in core games.

dirtydbz3699d ago

I have to agree with the hd comment here I bought a copy of ff7 from the playstation store and I almost gaged
to imagine at one time I was floored by those graphics. I can't imagine playing for hours on end ( 60+) with those graphics

athlon7703699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I thought great, I can finish the game (sister stepped on the second disk) so I grabbed it, played it for like 10 min and though, ouch, my eyes hurt, and moved it over to my PSP. Looks much better on the PSP!

Anyway, Move will be the motion control of choice considering all the flack the Kinect has received at all the demo kiosks. Yeah, this is truely Microsofts answer to the BetaMax! :O

dirtydbz3699d ago

yeah may have to port it over to my lil brothers psp good idea won't look so blocky on that little screen

RageAgainstTheMShine3699d ago

AGREE. No turning back please Nintendo & M$. Just go head to head with Sony.

plb3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

This video sums it up quite nicely

cochise3133699d ago

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. instant fail.

himdeel3699d ago

...that was bad...about like the video of the guy flailing wildly with that Move street brawling game. It just looks soooOOOOooooo bad :(

jneul3697d ago


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