Best DLC ever? Hands on with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (GGG)

GGG: Undead Nightmare stitches together the very best parts from previous zombie games. You've got the stronghold sieges from Nazi Zombies, the hapless survivors from Dead Rising, the assortment of different zombie types from Left 4 Dead and the ammo conservation from Resident Evil. All these elements are tied to a compelling narrative with the original voice actors in tow: not bad for 15 bucks!

Rockstar has dissected and reassembled the entire game world, producing an experience that is almost as well realised as the original.

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grumpysmurf3289d ago

Is there any genre that zombies don't fit into seamlessly? WW2, Westerns, Sci-Fi, comedy -- they can do it all!

ABizzel13289d ago

Keep zombies where they belong in a zombie game, not WW2 or Modern Warfare, not the Wild West, etc...

I'm sure it'll be fun, but let's come up with something else.

WildArmed3289d ago

yeah... lets do..
aliens <3
Zombies are oh so damn common nowz
what is this? 1990s?

WildArmed3288d ago

sarcasm people.. sarcasm.
I guess i really should have put a '/s' at the end


well they are zombies after all... they infect Everything !

csimpson3289d ago

Anyone know how long the campaign lasts? Or is it mainly just zombie-blasting challenges and stuff?

UltimateSin3289d ago

Pretty sure there's an actual campaign. Plague outbreak, zombie's emerge, you must kill, then save.

CrzyFooL3289d ago

I played it, the one mission took me like 30 min.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3289d ago

I wanna see them crawling out of the graves and start running at you Serious Sam style.

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