Fighters We Want To Play As In EA Sports MMA (Gameplaybook)

EA Sports MMA is coming next week, but which fighters should you start out with? Gameplaybook has a guide that points out the best faces in the roster.

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Buff10443698d ago

Can't say I have much interest in this one. The demo didn't thrill me. But good suggestions.

SquareEnixFan3698d ago

I was really excited for this game until I played the demo. There is a whole lot of fighters on this games roster i would like to play as but the gameplay is so disappointing.

TheDCD3698d ago

Yeah, I was going for diversity and toughness. And of course, Fedor leads the list.

MMFGaming3698d ago

I'm looking forward to playing as Kawajiri so I can bash in Aoki's face for real this time.