Superstars V8 Racing Preview (RunDLC)

With Gran Turismo 5 delayed, possibly until early 2011, PlayStation 3 owners will need to look elsewhere for their holiday racing fix. Fortunately, O-Games has what appears to be an impressive substitute with Superstars V8 Racing, a PlayStation Network exclusive that arrives October 26th. Although it doesn’t contain over 900 real world vehicles and a wealth of tracks, this attractive speedster seems to have just enough content to justify its budget friendly $19.99 price point.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3288d ago

Looking forward to this, now that we don't have GT 5 at the moment...

Buff10443288d ago

It's the only sim game in town, at least on PS3.

GigaGaia3288d ago

GT5 isn't delayed till early 2011, they said for the holidays. It's only delayed because they missed the production time by 3 days. It's coming this year because if it's anything, it will only be delayed a week or two.

Beside, Superstats V8 isn't PS3 exclusive, it will be on PC and 360 as well. No offense, but I will be playing Need for speed hot pursuit instead of this thing.

Tr10wn3288d ago

Yeah i was watching that Gameplay video and it was the 360 version.

DOMination3288d ago

the game has been out for 360 for six months or so, at least here in the UK and it was terrible

Capdastaro3288d ago

Just bought Dirt 2 on Games for Windows while it was on offer so that shall entertain my driving needs for a while.

GamerSciz3288d ago

I wouldn't write home about the damage system that's for sure. I wonder how the actual driving physics are though.

ChronoJoe3288d ago

Some of the worst AI and physics I haver ever seen in a racing game have been in Superstars V8 racing. About all you can praise is the way the cars interact with grass. Most sims go really over the top with it, having cars spin out like 20 times.