GameZone: Alan Wake - The Writer DLC review

"Alan Wake is still trapped in The Dark Place, and still wrestling to grasp the reigns of sanity in a realm where there seems to be none. As Wake narrates, “The environment grew wilder and stranger, like it wasn’t even bothering to pretend that things were normal.” The Bright Falls you knew is gone, and what remains is a fragile mockery, floating and twisting above an infinite chasm."

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athmaus3290d ago

I still wanna play this game....:(

limewax3290d ago

Try get it cheap, Wouldnt recommend this game for full RRP which is what a lot of places are still asking

TheSanchezDavid3290d ago

Someday I'll play Alan Wake. And someday I'll play this too. It looks pretty awesome.

barefootgamer3290d ago

I played The Writer last night. It was good, but I was hoping for a bit more answers, especially about Zane.

whitesoxfalife3290d ago

have yet to buy the this dlc but i will in due time

SlipperyMooseCakes3290d ago

Played the whole game including the two downloadable episodes. The game is fantastic and they really set it up for a sequel. In a way it is good that they're stopping DLC because it heavily hints to them working on a full new retail game. Not to mention the ending of The Writer...

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