GameZone - Def Jam Rapstar review

"Konami’s sing-along games haven’t exactly been the greatest as of late. Karaoke Revolution left a lot to be desired (particularly the American Idol entries), and we aren’t exactly thrilled that a Glee-themed game is on the way. Well, some of us, anyway. That’s where Def Jam Rapstar provides a breath of fresh air. It’s like Karaoke Revolution, but with the goofiness replaced by a genuine rap vibe that makes the game undeniably fun. Furthermore, there’s a community angle that really expands it in ways we didn’t think possible."

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athmaus3286d ago

This isnt my type of game

Blaze9293286d ago

been enjoying this game a lot. who would've guessed it'd actually be good?

T9X693286d ago

I heard it was actually a really good game, the only major problem was the game's rating of T. Making all the tracks radio edits.....which BLOWS. If the songs wasn't edited for the little tweenagers, I probably would have picked this up and gave it a try.

ico923286d ago

personally im not liking the look of the soundtrack, in the entire soundtrack theres like 3-4 decent songs

Killjoy30003286d ago

You simply cannot censor hip-hop. Just ask 2Pac or Immortal Technique. This game obviously had Lil Wayne, new school, dick riding tweens more in mind than real hip-hop fans.

visualb3286d ago

I generally do not enjoy hip-hop AT ALL, but Immortal Technique is one of the few rappers I actually enjoy A LOT!

props =D

Baka-akaB3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

that is indeed worrying , i hope there is at least some MF Doom or equivalent artist in the game , to make up for it .

alee3286d ago

Although this isn't my type of game, it does seems to be well made.