Can Anyone Abolish the Square Enix Juggernaut?

"EA, Xseed, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandai – who poses the biggest threat to the RPG leader?"

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Joule3293d ago

Just about everyone now, Square has been sucking lately.

I need to be impressed by Versus.

Cheeseknight283293d ago

I'm not a Dragon Quest person so I can't comment on that, but it seems that only Nomura's team can produce great things (Birth By Sleep).

I will admit that I've liked some of Square's secondary division's works though... Taito's Infinity Gene and Eidos' Just Cause 2 + Guardian of Light were all great.

Blaster_Master3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Well I've been a Dragon Warrior fan since the 80's, and let me tell you that even though I love the franchise, Im not faithful to those who turn their back on me regardless of what franchise they own. BTW, Enix are the ones that made Dragon Warrior, Squaresoft and Enix converged to become Square Enix. The only good game Squeenix has ever made was FFX, besides that every game they have made has sucked since they became one. I do not know this company who claims they are Square Enix. They are an impostor. The devs and publishers that Ive been fans of dont even work for the studios anymore, besides Nomura. And they dont give him enough creative freedom to do anything to benefit them anyways, so in my opinion. Squeenix is a shit publisher, and the devs that make games for them are only a bunch of adolescent kids that have been trying to fill in some big shoes, and it never gonna happen. Its not in their dna.

CimmerianDrake3293d ago

Wasn't made by Square Enix. It was the last major FF game that Squaresoft made.

You can place the blame of Square Enix on Sakaguchi. He's the one that thought that making a Final Fantasy movie with absolutely no relation to the game in any way other than superficially (eg, name only) was a good idea. That right there is an example of NOT listening to your fans when you should. Spirits Within tanked, so Sakaguchi had to merge Squaresoft with Enix in order to stay afloat. Then when he did, he hated how Enix was managing Square staff so he decided to leave that company to create Mistwalker, and a lot of the Old Guard (READ: All the talent) left with him. Nobuo Uematsu became Freelance. And we're left with what SE is today. Predominately Enix staff, with an inept CEO, and an increasingly bad catalog of games trying to appeal to the western audience, when the western audience already loved games like FFX.

SE listened to the vocal minority who cried out against franchise staples like ATB, substance over flash, and compelling characters. They instead adopted the "Crow" method of development whereby they make a game all about flash, leaving a lot of key elements out. The result is that their games lose their Japanese roots and appeal, and also fail to impress the Western audience anyway.

Everyone can abolish SE now. Even non-RPG companies could likely create a better one than SE. The only way SE can hope to get out of the mess they created for themselves is to return to their roots. Use what worked and simply improve on it. As the old saying goes... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. AND DON'T LISTEN TO THE RPG WHINERS WHO PLAY ONE RPG AND COMPLAIN ABOUT TURN-BASED COMBAT!!

Cheeseknight283293d ago

Well if you want to get technical, Square-Enix didn't even make FFX, they were still Squaresoft then. Three of the first things published post-merger were FFTA, FFX-2, and FFXI.

Should've sent off a warning bell for the future, I suppose.

Blaster_Master3293d ago

Oh my bad, I thought it was Squeenix who published FFX. No wonder FFX-2 was so freakin horrible. I hadn't a clue. So there ya have it folks, Squeenix has never made a good game, or even a decent one at that.


I know exactly what your talking about. I consider almost everyone on n4g, and even gaming media giants like IGN and Gamespot the vocal minority. The only people who thought rpg's needed revamping are those who never played or liked rpg's to begin with. RPG's need turn based system, if its not turn based then its an action rpg. Thats why I consider games like God of War action rpg's. Games like Mario Galaxy is a straight action game, games like Uncharted Action shooter, Games like tales and Star Ocean are action rpgs. Games like FF and dragon warrior need to stay turn based rpg's.

AzaziL3293d ago

The biggest threat to Square Enix is itself, they really need to get back to basics and do what made them the giants in the RPG business and not simply imitating western game designs to appeal to a mass audience...

jc485733293d ago

Sorry, I have to disagree with you on Sagakuchi. The movie is just a movie, so I don't find it fair for you tie it with videogames. H

How does it feel when your favorite franchise is interrupted by spin offs and MMOs? Is it even necessary?

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OneSneakyMofo3293d ago

Can Anyone Abolish the Square Enix Juggernaut? Waka the Whacko can.

dylandurden3293d ago

Hold on a sec. It's true that Sakaguchi was responsible for a huge loss of money with the movie "The Spirits Within", but it wasn't him who decided to merge with Enix. First of all, the higher charge he ever occupied within the company was vice-president, and most importantly, he lost that position soon after the epic fail of its movie. That decision to merge with Enix was taken by the higher ranks of Squaresoft in accord with their shareholders, it has nothing to do with Sakaguchi.

Anyway, now Sakaguchi is no more a Square Enix member. The same is true for Matsuno, Uematsu, Nojima and many others, that occasionally work for them as freelancer, but are no more inside the company. The only "survivors" of the old Squaresoft are Nomura (who primarily works on the Kingdom Hearts series, and contributes to FF and other games only as character designer) and Kitase, who was great back in the days (man, he directed Chrono Trigger, FF VI and FF VII, the best J-RPGs of all time) but now seems to have completely lost his mind, maybe due to Alzheimer or too many cocaine parties.

People like Toriyama and Watanabe, who now rule the FF series and many other important projects, popped out of nowhere. I can also imagine how the programmers, artists and coders that works in SE these days must be young folks in their early 20s. All the experience and the mastery are gone, we now have a new generation of developers, less skilled and way less passionate about their work.

Add to all that shit president Wada, with his illogical business plans and his blind, insatiable hunger for money, and you have an idea of why Square Enix sucks so badly.

All the remaining hopes lie within Versus XIII. If not even Nomura can provide a proper Final Fantasy anymore, then the series is done for good, and so am I with Square Enix.

BillOreilly3293d ago

I say only sakaguchi can. I cant believe people blame him for bad games when 1-9 maybe 10-11 were all his doing. Look at what square makes nowadays and look at what sakaguchi makes Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, The Last Story, all very much better than any square game this gen. Sakaguchi was the talent of ff and he left. People complaign about square changing but are too stupid to support the real ff aka mistwalker. If you want old scholl ffx play lost odyssey if you want dragon quest play blue dragon. The spirits within was a bad decision and the man stepped away with respect. It has no correlation to the games.

Godmars2903293d ago

Sqaure's pretty much doing themselves in but not making good games.

Though I wouldn't list Namco Bandai among its replacements.

tlarn3293d ago

I don't think Square Enix needs any help being brought down.

athmaus3293d ago

Well...most of the games that they have released have i think anyone can take them down.....they are no longer the 800lb gorilla in the room.

TheSanchezDavid3293d ago

Square's been losing momentum lately. Although I have to admit I am totally loving Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. =P

Darkfocus3293d ago

somehow they seem to still be releasing good portable games...yet everything else they touch is terrible...

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