PAX 07 hands-on: Metroid Prime 3

The controls are exactly the same in normal or expert mode, with the exception of Wiimote sensitivity. Expert mode is way more sensitive, and requires much subtler movements. It also enables quicker motion. Looking around and turning with the Wiimote was awkward at first, but it immediately clicked.

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unsunghero284074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

The Wii finally has a must-buy; MP3 could be not just the best Wii game of the year, but the best game of the year.

Combined with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl, that $250 is starting to seem more and more attractive.

Who the heck is disagreeing?

How can you disagree that doncorleone is getting MP3? Do you actually know that he isn't?

doncorleone74074d ago

i already got this reserved not that it really needed to be but i cant wait for tuesday to come

unsunghero284074d ago

It's coming Monday.

So you don't have to wait for Tuesday to come.

bluegoblin4074d ago

Great system, great games.

Rooftrellen4074d ago

I'm glad Metriod stayed a single player experiance, as it has always meant to be. If people decide not to get it because of that, their loss!

The games looks great, the controls are reported to be great, and there have been nothing but good words spoken of this game.

Ohhh...I can't wait!

4074d ago