Fallout: New Vegas Requires Mandatory Installation

As with every other game that requires installation of data onto the PS3 hard drive, Fallout: New Vegas is no different but make sure you have a plenty of space available!

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ShadyDevil3287d ago

It was to be expected...not major news.

Philoctetes3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I couldn't care less that there's a mandatory install.

Perjoss3287d ago

all games on my 360 are 'mandatory' install as it prolongs the life of the drive, 10 mins of install versus a minimum of 4 hours (some games are really short I guess) of spinning.

vsr3287d ago

Learn from U2,GOW3, FF13

BWS19823287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I don't get the "Oh noes!! mandatory install!" thing, it's about a big a deal as "PS3 game requires you to unwrap it first!!". OOoo, wow, it takes TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES. Go multitask, what are we, seven years old? PC's are the same friggin' way, and I think of a PS3 as a computer with all I do on it.

I think only x-fanboys think it's a big deal to install games. These aren't Super Nintendo's. With hundreds of gig's, it lasts a while. I have about 50-55 games, and I can pop in any of them and play them, or watch one of a dozen or so movies I have or listen to hundreds of songs I have. I have a dozen or so demos and trailers, too. Not every game has a 5+ gig install, but when they come, it's screamed about from the rooftops like it's standard.

JohnSimpleTon3287d ago

It's about as hassle free as getting up to switch a disc, yet that becomes a pretty big deal around here when it really shouldn't.

f7897903287d ago

It's not the time (okay for some babies it is) but more about you're losing 5GB. That's a lot of space for someone with only 40GB.

Note: If you have a 20GB, seriously.... just upgrade.

NegativeCreepWA3287d ago

When I had 40 gig it was a big deal, it gets old deleting games for new ones. But now I have a 250 gig so it doesn't matter for me. BTW I never hear people complain about installing every PC game.

BWS19823286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

points. I, however, have seen numerous times complaints/headlines with "20 minute install on Game ABC!!"--verbatim--many times here. So it's ammo for some fanboys, it seems.

The space constraints, if you don't intend on upgrading beyond 40 or even 60/80...I can live with those points. Unfortunately, that's the evolution of the console/generation and tech in general.

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Biggunz3287d ago

it's not a big deal but for a fourth rate website it is...they have to write about something since actual news or a interview from a dev will never happen.

Neckbear3287d ago

A conversation between two higher-ups at Bethesda:

-Hey, you know, we can use a shitload of engines...



BubbleSystemSuck3287d ago

what for are those HDD?

is better than swap disc

JsonHenry3287d ago

As a PC gamer, installing your game to the HDD just makes sense.

Even on the XBOX I take the time to install the entire game to the HDD so that load times and the like run faster.

It just makes good sense and the PS3 should not be faulted for doing so.

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easto1a3287d ago

gonna have no room on my ps3 at this rate lol

Christopher3287d ago

You can delete the install data without deleting the save data. I'm using 200GB on my PS3 out of ~460GB total. I go through every three or four months and delete really old install data for games I'm not likely to play for a while (DMC4 being one I just deleted last month).

Perjoss3287d ago

I've heard its not hard to buy your own bigger hard drive and swap it around yourself. If your ps3 is out of warranty no harm in giving it a try, watch some youtube videos about it and see if you have the right tools and think you can handle it.

Youtube is great for stuff like that, I'm pratically useless at stuff like this but i managed to repair my broken bluray drive with a replacement laser from ebay, thanks to a couple of videos explaining what to do.

f7897903287d ago

Just be careful. The first blue screw is plastic (really Sony?), and it strips easily making it impossible to open (I wonder why?). Get a perfect fit with a screw driver and push down as hard as you possibly can before turning it.

MightyMark4273287d ago

If this continues, I will run out of space on my 120GB HDD

Hudahudahuda3287d ago

This is a good thing. It will most likely load alot faster and not have freezing issues because of this.

T9X693287d ago

Fallout 3 was mandatory install to and it was a piece of shit on PS3. Well at least from my experience with the GOTY Edition.

Lovable3287d ago

It has a lot of problems in every platform. It could have lessen it, but it certainly didn't remove all the bugs and freezing issues.

visualb3287d ago

hell I had it for PC and I had to go into the .ini files to fix crashes MYSELF.

Hudahudahuda3287d ago

It wasn't really a proper install. It would load bits of the game onto the hardrive while you progressed through the game.

JonDiskonected3287d ago

hahaha, oh wow, you really are naive

dont you remember a little thing called fallout 3, which had an install of over 5.5 gig, which had plenty of freezes

mushroomwig3287d ago

Hopefully the developers have learned from their mistakes.

Hudahudahuda3287d ago

Again, it wasn't really a true install. Don't believe me? start the game and play for a few minutes. It only starts out with a few megabytes. It grows over time by loading parts of the game on the HDD. The freezing was caused due to the fact that the HDD would have trouble finding random parts of the game save from the HDD. The freezing issues would start once your character save would go past 8 GB's

JonDiskonected3287d ago

mushroom, it's not the same devellopers, now it's obsidian(who made alpha protocol on their own engine, which was buggy as hell) and they're using bethesda's engine(which is buggy as hell on it's own)

JonDiskonected3287d ago

how come I'm getting disagrees on this? fallout 3 is filled with glitches and so is alpha protocol...that's a fact

f7897903287d ago

Because some just go through and disagree with everyone for the hell of it.

JsonHenry3287d ago

Dang. I hate it for the PC and never had any problems out of it. And I got it day one BEFORE the patches. Guess I dodged that bullet.

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El_Colombiano3287d ago

That's about right for me too.

mushroomwig3287d ago

I'll probably never even need it all but it's nice to know I'll never have to worry. :]

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