PlayStation 2 Still Dominates Game-Console World

Since its inception in the year 2000 the Sony PlayStation 2 has sold well over 100 million consoles worldwide and does not seem to be slowing down even in this new era of so called 'next-gen gaming' with heavy competition from the technologically superior Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft's XBOX 360 and even the Nintendo Wii.

The PlayStation 2 has now becoming so affordable that consumers from Europe and North America are able to pick up the console without having to worry about the price leaving a huge hole in their pockets.

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Fighter4072d ago

PlayStation 2 is more affordable than ever and we even hear of another price drop arriving in time for the holidays. Games are still coming out and consumers who can't afford a next-gen console can always pick up a PS2 and not get disappointed.

Kudos to Sony for not abandoning the vast majority of their fans like Microsoft did with the original XBOX and Nintendo with the Gamecube. Some would argue that XBOX and Gamecube games are all backwards compatible in their own next-gen consoles but consumers will still have to pay the premium prices for those machines.

Most importantly, Sony are still releasing new games on the PS2 that are pretty good and getting good reviews. God Of War 2 and Persona 3 are good examples.

Omegasyde4072d ago

yea i was sorta pissed when Ms abandoned the xbox. They did it in only acouple of months. The original Xbox was a good console with alot of innovation, but seemed like MS only put half the effort into it than compared to the 360.

Granted backards playability can only get you so far, its nice to at least have it.

Mikelarry4072d ago

that sony is still keeping the ps2 alive but i think that is why alot of ps2 owners are not ready or willing to move on to the ps3. because some of the games that come out on the ps3 are available on the ps2 so ppl are not gonna wanna upgrade yet.

ISay4072d ago

most of the people who got a ps2 didn't get it in the first two years it happened later when price came down and better games were available thats the nature of gaming consols or all consumer products for that mater, ps2 sales don't hurt ps3 the average consumer doesn't think that way, ps2 sales hurt wii sales and Sony knows that they will introduce motion type control for ps2 and drop price by xmas.

EZCheez4072d ago

Sony is playing their cards about as good as they can with two home consoles because most casual gamers are not willing to spend so much on a PS3. If Sony can keep a solid identity with customers who buy the PS2 now, then they will probably be PS3 customers when the price of the PS3 is much lower.

All of this is probably why Sony doesn't really sweat the sub-par sales of the PS3. It would be pretty demanding to have two blockbuster home consoles on your hands.

WaggleLOL4072d ago

The 19.99 PS2 Greatest Hits library is the single greatest treasure trove of gaming ever created.

Gamers are desperately trying to rush through their backlog of PS2 titles before the onslaught of AAA PS3 titles hits at the start of next month with Lair, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank.

Wonder what system all of these amazing numbers of new and existing 115 million PS2 owners are going to upgrade to over the next couple of years...

Wonder if it will be a system that plays virtually all of their old PS1 and PS2 games, has the same universally hailed greatest controller design, upscales their old games beautifully to 1080p, and has new versions of all the same franchies they bought the PS2 for like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, SOCOM, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus...

EZCheez4072d ago

The Greatest Hits selection has gotten me through a lot of the drought in between good games right now. I've played a few great games over again, and gotten to experience some that I missed out on before (I am in love with Shadow of the Colossus).

It's even cooler that there are still awesome games made for the PS2. God of War 2 was awesome and I'm still trying to get my hands on Odin Sphere. Persona 3 sounds pretty cool too.

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Imalwaysright4072d ago

Yep thats rigth still the best console... why??? Insane amount of AAA titles

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