2-Soft: Iphone App Cut the Rope Sold 1 Million Downloads In 10 Days

It looks like the Angry Birds app was just the beginning for Chillingo. The latest app released, Cut the Rope has sold over one million downloads in 10 days, which is the all time record for the App Store.
Cut the Rope had received some great reviews, but no one didn’t expect to be so successful.

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AMZSS3288d ago

Yeah I played this one . To be honest I like it more than angry birds .

Adu883288d ago

yea me too..i think angry birds is more addictive :D

Adu883288d ago

but cut the rope is pretty fun also..

comancsm3288d ago

I like better angry birds, it's more addictive

Adu883288d ago

Well..both are fun..and they are great for killing time at school..:))

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