Are PC gamers more budget-conscious than ever before?

A brief glance at the top 5 best selling GPUs reads like an entry-level PC extravaganza. The most expensive graphics processor in the list is the very affordable 768Mb version of Nvidia’s GTX 460.

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ultramoot3295d ago

With most developers focusing on the "creative constraints" side for their multiplats rather than the scale and visuals of the game itself, there is little reason for an average PC gamer to buy over-the-top costly GPUs and CPUs. There is too little jump in visual improvements over the last couple of years that most people don't feel the need to have an "overkill" rig just yet.

wat6343295d ago

I agree.

Its been a while since ive upgraded my core duo 2.8, I mean, if it can run games just fine, then whats the point with buying overpriced products?

plb3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This. Most games these days on PC are designed with consoles in mind first which kind of sucks but what can you do really. My laptop core i5/4gb RAM/Nvidia 360m has run every game I've thrown at it thus far and most on high settings and there are a lot more powerful machines than that out there.

Chris_TC3295d ago

That's exactly right. With practically everything being multi-platform, there's really no need for anything more than a dual core and a mid range graphics card.

JsonHenry3295d ago

Once the new generation of consoles comes out we will be ready for the next great leap in perfomance because most games will finally be able to move beyond the LCD of 6-7 year old hardware.

imvix3295d ago

Its worth considering what will happen of NVidia and AMD if people stop considering upgrades. To be honest since games are now designed with consoles in mind there is no need to upgrade a PC even from 2006.

In the end this may just lead to bad sales for Nvidia and AMD. Which inevitabally will result in smaller budgets to research in new tech. If things went real bad and the GPU divisions of these companies went under i wonder where the console makers would get GPUs for their next gen systems.

plb3295d ago

Good point. Also you have to consider that most PC purchases these days are laptops/netbooks, most of which have integrated graphics chips

imvix3295d ago

Yes well my point is Console gamers need to understand where the tech comes from and they need to play their part in supporting the industry.

If Nvidia and AMD GPU divisions go under all of us as Gamers lose.

While xbox 360 and PS3 have some good exclusives. They are also ensuring the industry stays stagnant. Which inevitabally may cause these companies to suffer, in the end losing any of them will be a bad blow to gamers.

TOSgamer3295d ago

Seriously, who looks to Amazon first for computer parts anyway? The only people I can think of are maybe people that live in California. Since they get taxed at every other computer retail site on the web besides Tigerdirect.

evrfighter3295d ago

Damn dude. You read me like a book. I was an egg cusomer in minnesota for Years until I came back to Cali. Now it's amazon and tigerdirect

dirthurts3295d ago

I just got a 160$ set of speakers for 89 bucks off Yeah I do Amazon from time to time. No tax in Tn either.

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Pandamobile3295d ago

Most games are designed to run on consoles these days, so if you've got a half-decent rig from 2006, you can most likely play 99% of games released in 2010.

8800 GTX, Core 2 Duo and 2-4 GB of RAM should play just about any game at 1080p at at least 30 FPS.

Letros3295d ago

This, and for those of use who enjoy 60fps, or 3 monitors, or 3D, or 8-32x AA, etc. The hardware is available to anyone, gotta love the freedom of PC =)

plb3295d ago

I love PC gaming too but you have to admit consoles really get most of the games and love these days =\ Few exceptions of course..SCII, Diable III, Amnesia, etc. 90's were the golden years for PC gaming imo.

cochise3133295d ago

if pirating wasn't so bad on the pc, they would have more exclusive games.

LinuxGuru3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Did you know that Software Pirates are some of the biggest spenders out there?

It's kind of annoying how most people assume they know everything about Pirate culture.

(side note: it's proven that pirating occurs just as much on any console wherever it's able to be done. The Nintendo DS, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360 are prime examples)

tanman7773295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I think that piracy on other systems is just as bad (except for PS3), it is just easier on pc. I think developers make piracy seem worse than it really is and should just develop more on the pc.

Letros3295d ago

If trolling wasn't so bad on N4G, there would be no bubble down button.

cochise3133295d ago

no one is trolling. it's the truth. just ask some of the developers. it's funny how stating the facts is called trolling.

DJKGBYF3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

You do relise that the developers make the piracy problem seem bigger than it actually is, right?

It's like how the TV was going to kill the movie industry. And home taping was going to kill the music industry. Those things never happened.

The game companies make the problem seem larger than it actually is in order to justify increasing the amount of DRM and other useless utilities that just inhibits people that actually buy the games.

On a side note, the PC has more exclusives than the 360 and PS3 combined. And I hope to God some fanboy doesn't come on here and post a list of first party PS3 exclusives to try and make an argument.

Charmers3295d ago

Then why does the PC have exclusives such as Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Civilisation 5 ? If piracy is the reason the PC loses exclusives because of piracy why have those titles remained exclusive to the PC platform ?

Tell you what I will save you the energy of replying. Those games have stayed exclusive because they don't make any money on the consoles. They are games that are ONLY successful on the PC.

So why has games like Crysis gone multiplatform ? That is because games like Crysis do as well in terms of sales on the consoles as they do on the PC. So if you are a developer it is actually quite moronic to limit your customer base if your game is likely to appeal to BOTH PC and console gamers.

If you look at consoles you will see the vast majority of exclusives are down to either "dodgy" deals by either Sony/MS or the fact that Sony/MS own the developer in question. You can even see Sony and MS losing exclusives to each other, is that down to piracy too ? or is it just a case of developers where possible trying to bring their game to the widest audience possible to make as much money as possible.

In short if you are a PC developer there is nothing to stop you going multiplatform, the PC platform allows developers to do what they please. That is why you see developers going multiplatform it has nothing to do with piracy.

cochise3133295d ago

if pc has so many exclusives, then why is crysis 2 comin to the ps3 and 360?

Charmers3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I explained why Crysis 2 has gone multiplatform, it is for the same reason Mass Effect 2 is now fully multiplatform, it is why Final Fantasy 709 is multiplatform.

It does not make good business sense to restrict your audience for no good reason. Crytek have gone multiplatform because their game will sell on the console just as well as it would on the PC so why shouldn't they make it for the console as well ? After all there is no organisation on the PC that is going to PAY Crytek to keep the game exclusive to the PC.

If it wasn't for the fact both Sony and Microsoft invest massive sums of money to "encourage" developers to produce games for their machine there would be a hell of a lot more multiplatform games out there. After all why did Insomniac go multiplatform ? because it makes sense for them to do so, their games will sell just as well on the 360 as they did on the PS3.

In short if there is no barrier to a developer going multiplatform then they will go multiplatform because it makes sense to access as big an audience as possible.

Letros3295d ago

lol Crysis 2 on consoles, have fun with that.

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MegaMohsi3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I just got a custom built i7 930 gtx 460 sli 8 gb ram, 1 tb hdd, so not all of us are "budget conscious" and like other posters before me said, when i can max out games that came out THIS year (ME 2 for example) i know this system is in it for the long haul, off topic, looking forward to playing fallout new vegas on PC with mods!

despair3295d ago

if you're serious about PC gaming you're eventually gonna need more than a Terabyte HDD, especially if its Steam games. Oh and ME2 was not exactly a taxing game. works on max on most budget PCs I know much less that beast,it wasn't exactly the usual graphical leap from the console version.

MegaMohsi3295d ago

yeah i know its running on the very dated UE3, but i was just agreeing with other posters that games have been tailored to consoles in that even games released this year dont require beastly computers (i can barely max out crysis), what do you think i should get in terms of hdd size? I thought 1 TB was plenty, damn...

imvix3295d ago

My laptop with a GTX260m (260M is based on older desktop gpus and in terms of power can be comparable to gpus from 2006) can run ME 2 better then the xbox 360 can. It can run any multiplatform better then consoles for that matter.

despair3295d ago

it depends, if you have space in your case then you can always add another HDD later on so you should be ok, what I realise is that if you use your PC for purely games then you should be fine, but like me I use my gaming pc for everything else, music, vids, programs etc so it really adds up, I bought 2 640GB HDDs less than a year ago and already I'm down to 100GB and that's after some cleaning up, games right now on my PC are topping the 600GB mark with dozens of different games.

Its up to you to see if 1TB is enough for your uses, obviously you plan to use the comp for games and if thats all then you should be fine for quite some time, even if you purchase alot. But if you store and use your pc for other things like me or use it heavily otherwise the space will rapidly drop.

AKS3295d ago

I love how well optimized ME2 was on PC. If the PC version isn't going to push the envelope technically, at least run smoothly and demonstrate a significant leap technically compared to other versions. I was very pleased with ME2 even though I could have ran something much more demanding. What I can't stand is when the PC version looks marginally better yet is very demanding to run a la GTA IV. Yes, it clearly looks better, but it shouldn't be such a resource hog.

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HeroXIV3295d ago

I have a HD4850 and an old Phenom II X4 (2008) and I'm really happy. It'll probably even do a good job of running "next gen" stuff (i.e. PS4/720).

Also, really I see NO point in investing in DX11 technolgy. It looks OK. But it's not a huge enough leap to want to upgrade, and it (was) too expensive.

jakethesnake3294d ago

It's only worth going DX11 if you have an old card that needs upgrading anyways. I'm getting so very very tired of my GTS 8600 and now that I finally have a bit of money, I plan on going DX11. It's not a feature set worth jumping on or upgrading for (yet at least), but it is a decent extra.

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