David Jaffe: My Response to EA Louse...

Following yesterday’s rant by an anonymous disgruntled EA/Mythic employee, the game industry is abuzz about EA and their latest “whistleblower.” Outspoken God of War creator David Jaffe even chimed in, telling the developer to buck up and try to remember that the end product might ultimately be produced for a different market than what some individuals developing it could have in mind.

“Everyone thinks they always know better than the people in charge. On God of War 1 I still remember a small group of hard core gamers on the team that felt we were making the game 'wrong' because there was not all this deep, deep, Street Fighter 2/Tekken style depth to the combat system. 'Jaffe's out of touch!' 'Jaffe doesn't 'get it!'...never did it occur to them that we were going for something else,” Jaffe explained in a blog post.

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UNCyrus3287d ago

#2 David Jaffe article for the day...

comp_ali3287d ago

just because he is a good developer doesn't make his comments and opinions about every damn thing in the world more important than any other human.

DirtyLary3287d ago

What's the big deal. There's about 10 different developer blogs responding.

Of course they are all going to defend their trade.

catguykyou3287d ago

Just because you are a gamer who comments on news posts online doesn't mean you know anything about anything regarding making games in the gaming industry. I would bet a lead designer, head of a big team, who has made multiple successful games would know what he is talking about, at least enough to give a valid input on the matter like he has.

LoVeRSaMa3287d ago

Not more important then any other human no, but more valuable and relevant when he's talking about successful games.

Its obvious he knows what he's talking about..

Jerk1203286d ago

Nobody is saying that.

He's still entitled to his opinion though.

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likedamaster3287d ago

And this coming from someone who complained himself, who later ends up leaving the company to start his own. Pot calls kettle black. How amusing.

Nineball21123287d ago

Here is a submission about the EA Louse thing:

Christopher3287d ago

Irate, soon to be former employee of BioWare Mythic.

blusoops3287d ago

EA rat
EA scoundrel
EA good for nothing
U get the picture now right?

blusoops3287d ago

That's what louse means...those are synonyms for louse.

wasn't trying to be a douchebag, just giving out the definition to a word.

Lazy_Gamer3287d ago

It's safe to say that Jaffe is one very active guy online.

v1c1ous3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

he got verbally owned in the comments section of his own website.

also i thought jaffe said to stop posting his stuff on n4g cause he didn't want people taking his comments out of context...

Bass_fisherman3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Jaffe needs to get more focus on his game in my opinion.
If i were Jaffe i was already planing a special DLC for the fans with restored stages from Twisted Metal 2 and enchancing the online mode with even more stuff to do and maybe make a public beta for that matter.

Bass Fisherman

vickers5003287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

You see that series of letters that are all squished together above your post? That's what's called your username.

Do you know what it's there for? It's there to identify yourself to the community, therefore you do not need to post your username AGAIN in your comment.

Zeevious3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

. . . and Zeevious knows that a username, like Zeevious is clearly readable by anyone looking at comments by Zeevious to the community.

Zeevious thinks Jaffe seems to talk alot, loudly, and keeps talking even when Zeevious just wishes he would shut up and get back to work because Zeevious still doesn't have that Twisted Metal-Alpha.03br build that Zeevious wants and needs.
Jaffee and Zeevious never got along, mostly for reasons entirely Jaffee's fault, thinks Zeevious. Zeevious thinks with a name like Eat. Sleep. Play. there's no room for Loud-Mouth. Bicker. B!tch. and it looks like Beta, as in -- Where the Hell is my Beta!

Many people have replied to Zeevious about many gaming issues and comments and Zeevious is glad that the username shows those comments are by Zeevious, so you can know you comment to Zeevious.

So sayeth Zeevious -- But you can call me Dr. Z

(Did I make Vickers point?)

Zeevious3285d ago

that laugh and myrth does you beguile
and would thou know these joys puerile
with just that one mischevious smile

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