Kmart loves gamers

Post reads: "Are you one of the many gamers worried about your wallets during these fall game releases? Worry no more as Kmart has you well taken care of."

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jc485733290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

this has been going on for awhile already. don't expect clerks to make your purchase any easier though. I've met some that are a really pain in the ass and it's like that almost everywhere. They look @ you like you're stealing games from them and sometimes lie to you that the games haven't arrived.

SantistaUSA3289d ago

Kmart sucks, they have one of the worse customer service, and they are making Sears the same way and that's why I'm quiting this month! :D I know my comment is not gaming related, but they have pissed me off! :D

Beatboxtaun3290d ago

Yeah, they've been doing this for a while, but I'm glad that they are making the purchases more competitive.

Excalibur3289d ago

Competition is a good thing because it saves us $$$$
I loved it a while back when Wally World and Amazon were going at it.
Every time one of them had a deal the other would one up it and offer a deal on another game as well.

I bet I saved $100-$125 this year on all the games I bought.

joydestroy3289d ago

really, that's it? you must not buy a lot of games. between oct/nov i'm saving $120. so i'm only paying for 5 of the 7 games i'm getting...

include the entire year and those savings easily double, most likely tripple.

SSKILLZ3289d ago

So if I preorder fallout i get $20 on my next game purchace? So I can put the 20 on black ops then pay 60 and get the harden right ?

Beatboxtaun3289d ago

If you pre-ordered New Vegas and got the coasters and the $15 gaming coupon for doing so, you can use that $15 gaming coupon toward the purchase and you'll receive another $20 gaming coupon off your next purchase. Plus the $5 you used to pre-order the game will be deducted as well, of course.

jc485733289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Don't preorder online please. You will see a major delay and get screwed somehow. I know some people who ordered Castle and K mart still hasn't shipped the item and you can't cancel order!

Beatboxtaun3288d ago

Plus, most deals are in-store anyway. As far as most of the gaming coupon deals.

sickbird3289d ago

Kmart is a joke i never buy stuff from them

HowarthsNJ3289d ago

Even the best K-mart looks like something out of a zombie infested mall.

I will buy from them though if the price is right.

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