GT 5 Delay to make Black Ops Biggest Year Release?

StrengthGamer: "The biggest dispute to this claim was the release of Gran Turismo 5 in the beginning of November. Retail website,, pointed out to us that GT 5 is on top of their preorder charts, stealing the spot from Black Ops.

While a majority of numbers already pointed to Black Ops blowing up the competition, I would refute this claim with the release of Gran Turismo 5, however that has now been delayed. With the game's biggest competition now being delayed, preorders for Call of Duty: Black Ops just skyrocketed."

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NYC_Gamer3291d ago

black-ops release would have been huge regardless

UnwanteDreamz3291d ago

I'm going to guess that BLack-Ops doesn't sell as much as MW2. I think MW2 had far more hype surrounding it. Just my opinion.

WutPleaze3291d ago

No way- The only competition was Gran Turismo. Black Ops is going to blow the sh** out of MW2.

Although I wonder if the release of Medal of Honor hurt that potential record...

k-Lan3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

GT5 was not competition for Black Ops. Only PS fanboys would think so. I bet my paycheck GT5 doesn't crack 5 million sold in the first year and that's being generous.

Ummmmm... Unwanted?? My paycheck is way more then $50! I hope yours is too! The more bets the richer i will be. anybody else want in on the action?

"Even GTP sold 5.5m units"

How long did that take Chrono?

ChronoJoe3291d ago

klan you're mad.

Even GTP sold 5.5m units.

UnwanteDreamz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I'll take the bet but I want to wager more than 50$. Is that cool?

You could pay me in installments when you lose.


I am talking real money here son and not the fake Monopoly kind.

ChronoJoe3291d ago

A much longer time, but over 3m was in the first year.
You'd be extremely naive to believe that GT5 won't outsell GTP... by alot. I mean GTP has 5% of the content of GT5.

Every other GT, including GT3 (which was released into the same install base situation as the PS3 has now) has sold over 5m copies within the first year.

wsoutlaw873291d ago

so does your grocery store pay weekly or bi-weekly cuz that changes things.

k-Lan3291d ago Show
wsoutlaw873290d ago

haha wow someone gets worked up easy. damn you know me so well, stop following me around, its wierd. why does a video game make you get angry and whine like a *. Its kind of sad.

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pwnd_of_lol3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

is there even enough racing fans out there who will willingly buy GT5 to match cod's sales?

i think the colossal amount of fps/cod fans out there is common knowledge by now.

i'm no racing fan, but i rarely hear news about GT5 hype in 2010...

guitarded773291d ago

You may not be a racing fan, but GT is an international franchise... CoD has an obvious advantage in a US sales market, but in Japan, GT will pwn CoD. Also CoD is on multiple consoles and PC, which gives it a sales advantage. I will be interested to see what sells more on PS3 worldwide... GT5 or CoD. I call GT5 in that race.

vsr3290d ago

Only is united states of america.
Rest of the world always GT.

Also Ocean > Water well

Blaze9293291d ago

as said above, Black Ops was going to be the biggest year release either way. Don't matter what was or wasn't coming out.

Gago3291d ago

both games would have had massive releases

SoapShoes3291d ago

@Blaze, definitely in America but Europe and Japan would almost certainly have GT5 at #1. Anyway, I only expect it to be delayed till the end of November or mid December at the latest.

Blaze9293291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

why segregate the sales? Overall it would've been the biggest release of the year - PERIOD. Not only is it extremely hyped following MW2's success but it's a game coming out on what, five or more platforms? Common sense. No need for that "oh yeah, in america maybe." When companies talk about how many copies they sold, they are talking WORLDWIDE and all together.

Anyone who thinks GT5 or any other game still slated for release this year would have outperformed Black Ops worldwide in sales or even thinks Sony will market GT5 more than Activision will and has been marketing Black Ops is just plain delusional and/or silly.

limewax3291d ago

Have to agree but It would be nice to see the americans joining in the racing a bit more, I dont know if its because a lot of americans who follow racing mostly follow nascar, But it would be nice to see more of them on there especially with the nascar endorsement in GT5 now

UnwanteDreamz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Let me explain without all the extra crap. Seriously Blaze you could have made your point with 2 lines. Marketing and quality have nothing to do with it selling more.

GT5 - released on 1 platform
Black OPs - released on 5

Basic math will bring you to Blaze's conclusion.

Blaze9293291d ago

Lol yeah I had to make it detailed and thorough because clearly, it's 'too' simple for people to understand what you just did.

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visualb3291d ago

GT5 will probably still be released this year....=|

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Klipz-Wish3291d ago

I think the genres are way to different to affect each other

NotSoSilentBob3291d ago

Might be the biggest release for AMERICA but I doubt the whole world.

lastdual3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

You really think GT5's worldwide numbers will be higher than CoD's?

That strikes me as highly unlikely.

Like Halo Reach, the simple fact that GT5 is not multiplatform means that its numbers will almost definitely fall short of Black Ops.

Blaze9293291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I find it odd why people don't understand that. It's pure common sense. You can't get more detailed than that!

Killman3291d ago

So....What is the point of comparing them then?

visualb3291d ago



NotSoSilentBob3290d ago


All of the GT games have sold more then any other games out there. It is a WORLD KNOWN and World accepted Racing Sim on consoles. It has been around for 15 years now. What isn't to expect massive sales from it? Hell GT5 Prologue(a over priced Demo) sold more then just about any game out there.

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dtrain213291d ago

If u had to pick which one will be more fun in long would be Black Ops

NBT913291d ago

Joking or not: it sounds ridiculous either way.

k-Lan3291d ago

Well tbh, for the majority, it's definitly not going to be GT5.

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MicroSony4Life3291d ago

My only wish is that they add more objectives and make the game longer. I am not an Online guy so I need a longer campaine.