Medal of Honor : Sells Well Despite Reviews - Say's EA

Despite Medal of Honors less than stellar reviews, EA is claiming the game has exceeded its forecasted- Day One - sales goals. While EA hasn’t provided any firm sales numbers, they did go on to say that most retailers are confirming that the game has surpassed their sales expectations as well. Across most regions it is confirmed that the PS3 version of the game did sell out of the first day, largely due to the inclusion of re-mastered version of Front lines, however ............

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interrergator3292d ago

well kinda true i see rooms quite full its a great game

Elwenil3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I bought it from Newegg so I only gave $50 for it and considering that I felt the single player was pretty epic, plus I got the MoH Frontline PS1 game with it, I've pretty happy with MoH. I personally give it an 8 out of 10. It could use some more polish, but I felt the single player told a good story like the old MoH games. You are not some world hero, you aren't saving the world and ending the war, you are just a guy behind the scenes trying to get the job done and look out for your brothers in arms. I loved every second of it and can forgive the occasional hiccups.

Now the multiplayer is a bit of a mess. Much like the SOCOM series or even Rainbow Six, the multiplayer is not very forgiving to new players. It's a tough learning curve and frustrating at first. The roving spawns are absolute crap. Spawning only to get sniped before you can get your bearings and move is a given. I've taken to moving to cover as soon as I spawn so at least I have a chance that I'm not hiding in plain sight of a sniper. The map designs are interesting and the game modes are familiar and a bit different all at the same time. It definitely needs some patching, but what multiplayer doesn't in it's first week. Time will tell if they support it like Zipper has done with MAG, or drop it like a hot rock like Codemasters did with Dragon Rising.

Just my .02, take it or leave it.

Microsoft_Spokesman3291d ago

Good review but FYI Frontline is a PS2/Xbox/GameCube game, not PS1 :P.

Elwenil3291d ago

Good point. I was thinking PS2, but typed PS1 for some reason. Frontline was actually my first PS2 game, lol. Oh well, too late to edit it now.

FragGen3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I dig it quite a bit so far. I think the SP campaign is very good and the MP is decent (although, it feels like it had more potential than it realized and I had expected more from DICE). As noted, if you go PS3, having a classic Ps2 game remixed in HD is a sweet little value addition, too.

If you're a big FPS fan it's definitely worth it. I think the 7.5-8.5 range reviews are pretty accurate. It's definitely NOT a 9 or 10 game for me.

For people who are COD diehards or only buy the best-in-class FPS titles, I'd probably hold out for COD:Black Ops or stick with BFBC2 and rock the 'Nam DLC. I'm personally doing all three, since I (heart) FPS... other genres I only buy best-in-class titles but FPS I tend to buy all the major releases.

Saryk3292d ago

If I didn’t have MW2 and BF2BC2, I’d buy it. But I don’t see the reason to buy the game until it get the price is reduced. However I did find the game enjoyable, just too bad there is no LAN.

plb3292d ago

Same. I played the PC beta and it feels the same as BC2 minus destruction and such.

TheColbertinator3292d ago

Fine.Lets ask NPD...oh wait

Lets ask Vgchartz...except if you don't believe EA's numbers,how would Vgchartz know any better?

LinuxGuru3292d ago

Dude. I'm making fun of the incorrect use of an apostrophe in the headline. Relax.

Shackdaddy8363292d ago

lol. that was sorta misleading...

Axecution3292d ago

I beat the single player and played a little bit of multiplayer. I like the game but i definitely regret buying it for 69.99. :/

cochise3133292d ago

is this game really that bad? i have it in the mail and i get to play it when i get home, but there are too many mixed reviews.

plb3292d ago

Not bad per say, just average/mediocre

cochise3133292d ago

that sucks. well i only paid 40 for this and i recieved a $20 credit, so i guess i'm only out of $20 if i don't like it. i guess i'll see when i get home.

morganfell3292d ago

It's a personal Cochise. For every person that doesn't like it there are just as many or more that do.

Ju3292d ago

I like it. I would say it's above average. Not the blockbuster, but still a good game.

cochise3133292d ago

see what i mean about the mixed reviews lol.

BlackTar1873292d ago

but the lobby system is so stupid.

to be honest im sick of EA games not being able to get the amount of players (Limit 4) the mic issues working.

who works at these companies seriously it pisses me and my friends off.

4 player Squads is the stupidest thing ive ever seen and they continue to do it.

This will be my last EA dice game unless this is fixed. If they screw up my BF3 by bringing it to consoles then ill cry out loud and never give my money to them again.

TruthBTold3292d ago

I have enjoyed it more than when I got call of duty, at least the sp. I don't play online too much as I like stories more. You will enjoy so don't worry.

pangitkqb3292d ago

As a shooter fan - and having played all the major franchises this gen - this is a good title and worth ur time and money.

Groundbreaking? No. Fun and well done? Yes.

cochise3133292d ago

i'm going to take your word for it. it looks pretty sweet.

FragGen3291d ago

No worries man. It's a fun game. It doesn't SUCK. It's just not the World beater some people were looking for.

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