Your Fallout: New Vegas PS3 Questions Answered: Hardcore Mode, Morality, Combat and More - PS Blog

PSBlog "Come next week, many of you will begin your adventures in Fallout: New Vegas – attempting to explore every nook, cranny, and Vault found within in and around Mojave Wasteland. Before your journey begins, we thought we’d answer some last-minute questions sent by you via Facebook and Twitter."

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Philoctetes3293d ago

I doubt any DLC will be timed-exclusive, but it's still kind of disconcerting that he dodged that question.

Ethereal3293d ago

I don't think they would do that again. Regardless I am stoked to get back into fallout. Loved fallout 3 and personally anymore of that is good in my book.

kaos_fish II3293d ago

Dang, he did dodge the DLC question.. you wouldn't think Bethesda would do that again.. unless of course, the DLC was timed for the PS3.

Hellsvacancy3293d ago

That would b a double lol

Megaton3293d ago

Can't play after the ending = fail. Didn't learn from Bethesda's mistake there at all.

RankFTW3293d ago

Yeah kinda sucks but suppose we will just have to deal with it. Unless ofc you buy it on pc then I'm sure a MOD will come out at some point.

PirateThom3293d ago

Yeah, they definitely won't sell a DLC pack to let you continue on after the end.

Megaton3293d ago

Probably the whole reason they did it. Extra $10 in their pocket for making the game proper via DLC.

Hudahudahuda3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I'm torn between getting this or not. I absolutely loved 3. I found playing it to be very relaxing and funny at times. But I know these guys are gonna end up releasing a GOTY package a year later that will enhance my experience and save me $50 dollars worth of DLC.

pr0digyZA3293d ago

Ye I'm actually waiting, going to get castlevania first then this one down the road.

RankFTW3293d ago

Buy it on release, you know you want to.

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