The Conduit 2 Release Date - Feb 2011

Fans of the 'critically acclaimed' Wii exclusive shooter should be getting excited right about now. SEGA announced a new release date today. The game will hit stores in February of next year.

High Voltage Software has taken all the fan feedback into consideration to make this a great game according to SEGA. There will also be split screen and online multiplayer combat.

Check out the official website for more info and a new trailer.

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RonyDean3290d ago

Does anyone care to play this one? The last one wasn't that great.

dangert123290d ago

STFU go talk about the ps3 else were like on the ps3 section kmt the wii is a great console and my 2nd favourite imo and i will be looking into the conduit 2 thats a fact!!

Shoko3290d ago

Fool, that was a response to RonyDean's comment. He implied that nobody would care to play this game since the first wasn't as great as it should've been, so I just pointed out Killzone 2 to show how dumb his statement was.

AEtherbane3290d ago

Looks A LOT better than the original. im going to get it. It essentially has everything goldeneye has plus more. So i dont see why not.

Venox20083290d ago

Because it's worth it...

turok3290d ago

this certainly is a buy.

dubal-e3290d ago

Im definantly picking it up and so are some of my BMF gaming clan members

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