TeamXbox: Sonic 4 Episode 1 Review

TeamXbox writes: "Sonic the Hedgehog has been showing his age since the last console generation. Among both reviewers and gamers alike Sonic the Hedgehog seems to be a shell of his former self. Sonic Team were clearly aware of this dissatisfaction when they announced ‘Project Needlemouse’ – which would eventually become Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Does Sonic 4 mark a return to form for everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog? Read on to find out!"

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Mr_Bun3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

So I guess it's safe to say that this will cost a lot more than a typical PSN d/l? I was hoping for a PSN release for 10-15 bucks.

Vo_Cal3291d ago

Yet still, I must bend over and own this game. I must...

Mr_Bun3291d ago

I don't know....This was a must own for me, but shelling out 60 bucks? I didn't realize that the wii version was 50 until I read this article.

Imperator3291d ago

Is there going to be a complete edition with all the episodes in it? I think I'll just wait and see what happens.

Blaze9293291d ago

I find it hard to believe this will retail less than $40 USD - espeicially for PS3 and it's blu-ray. It's he same reason why publishers who release DLC on the 360 and PC at retail on a DVD for $19.99 but not on the PS3 - the costs of manufacturing that blu-ray disc for sale outweigh the profits of pricing (what I'm guessing would have been) a $20 game at most here (speaking about NBA Jam).

So I'm seeing maybe $40 for this and if so, screw you EA. Give me another NBA Street game instead.

Nitrowolf23291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

its DLC
but will it be over $60 for all the episodes?
(thus putting on a disc later)

RockmanII73291d ago

I think there will be 3 episodes, then a disc release for $40. I think they could even put the 3 games on one Wii disc, throw in Sonic 1/2/3/K and you have an epic 7 game combo that would be cheap to make and rake in the money (They could probably even get away with a $60 pricetag if they did that since to buy all of those games on XBL/PSN would be $65).

capjacksparrow3291d ago

I've already bought it and beaten it.
That's my video review of the game. It cost 15$, I don't know where anyone is getting 40 dollars from...

kevin360uk3291d ago

I won't be buying any episodes cause after playing the demo it just did not feel right at all playing classic Sonic on a non-Sega console