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Twisted Metal and God of War director, David Jaffe talks about how Medal of Honor is more immersive than Modern Warfare 2 and that he's "hooked" on the multiplayer.

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Keith Olbermann3290d ago

I doubt many will...he gives props to both games. I'm interested in MOH so I'm reading all perspectives on this. I will give it a try.

PixlSheX3290d ago

David Jaffe likes hot dog. - Me

deafwing3290d ago

... I wonder if he likes Cottage Cheese? How about them apple pies? emmm Bet you he likes those.

ExplosionSauce3290d ago

Leave Jaffe alone!!! haha

Seriously though. First they take his comments on playing as the Taliban out of context, now this.
Ok, we know many people like many things. I hope they don't turn him into a Cliff B.

AKS3290d ago

Maybe the follow up will be "David Jaffe talks on Cell Phone While Taking a Dump."

talltony3290d ago

"David Jaffe talks about how Medal of Honor is more immersive than Modern Warfare 2 and that he's "hooked" on the multiplayer."

I have been saying this for like 2 days now. The game is just more immersive.

deafwing3289d ago

the way these "so called" game journalists are writing these days I wouldn't be suprised

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wsoutlaw873290d ago

it kicks ass the only negitives that any one talks about is you have to put it on hard cuz its easy on normal, its short, and when your team is grouping up talking about the next objective it doesnt just let you run off. I like this game so much more cuz it wants you to be more realistic. If your leader tells you go right with him then they expect you to do it not be rambo going off by your self becase you will die. You dont feel like the one important person on the squad. Its a great game. mp is perfect execpt lag and party issues which they say there fixing, but who knows.

TruthBTold3290d ago

I was a bit concerned with all the negative reviews but I was still interested in buying. I don't regret it. The first scene is slow and nothing that will impress you but once you start the next. Missions you will get into it. I'm having a lot of fun. Don't let the reviews fool. I think they are being too hard on this game. I would give it an 8.5. Worth playing.

sloth33953290d ago

i think the story in MOH is done better than in MW2

SoapShoes3290d ago

MW2's campaign sucked so that's not saying much.

HelghastKid3290d ago

MOH is probably the first campaign i actually enjoyed playing for a FPS. I usually hop right online since the stories are usually terrible.

ZombieNinjaPanda3290d ago


I disagree, bad company 2 had a ..lackluster campaign.

Chug3290d ago

The campaign in Bad Company 2 was absolutely horrible.

FragGen3290d ago

The first MW campaign was epically awesome. IMHO.

It had the second best FPS campaign ending ever (first is Lucasarts Outlaws, go look it up).

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ngecenk3290d ago

mw2 campaign is a mess. its hard to understand whats really happening, too many event, too less explanation. yes my adrenaline pumped from beginning to end but i never got the big picture. its like having sex without orgasm, its exciting but at a certain point you'll be 'heh?' :P


not to be mean.... but if you didn't understand the story of MW2, then maybe FPS aren't for you. It was good in my opinion, but i expected more thrilling exhilarating action. It was basic, like something written by the writers of burn notice or something. But i still enjoyed it.

And don't get me started on MoH, i've already posted that THING on craigslist.

ZombieNinjaPanda3290d ago


The campaign was too James Bond. Call of Duty isn't even Call of Duty anymore, it cannot be called that anymore.

Shackdaddy8363290d ago

I was able to get the story of MW2 but it was just plain terrible and didnt make to much sense.

Why would the Russians attack one of the biggest nations in the world? Why would the Russians automatically assume that the U.S. attacked an airport when their was a U.S. body placed randomly where no one heard nor saw him get shot and why did they not see Makarov on airport cameras? And even if they were able to get past the U.S. radar, they would never get past all of the other countries going toward the U.S. without anyone noticing?

There are way more things wrong with the story but those are just some of the main things that I hate. The story is just so broken in so many ways.
MW1's story was way better.

Sanii3290d ago

Honestly, no one cares..

ZombieNinjaPanda3290d ago

Yeah well he can like MOH all he wants, it still doesn't change the fact that he's being a big hypocrite.

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