Is Capcom trying to ruin Devil May Cry series with Dante's new looks?

Seems that Capcom is trying to ruin some of its best franchises with dangerous experiments.

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pwnd_of_lol3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Devil May Cry has an established fanbase, the fans wanted a new entry in the series, not a reboot.

dante it was his attitude and his style that made him great in the first place.

Red_Orange_Juice3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

there are way too many stupid gaming websites

Is gosspidgamers trying to ruin my day with half-ass articles they write?

Natsu X FairyTail3287d ago

Capcom need to take America's D.... Out they A....

NA MEAN? It's gettin A tad bit annoying.

Redrum0593287d ago


for crying out loud, let americans deal with western style games, the japanese with jap style games, and those in between with Downloadable inde games, [ lol :) ]

Keith Olbermann3287d ago

a company is trying to ruin a franchise they own. Makes perfect since.

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Blaze9293287d ago

enough about Dante's fucking looks. Sheesh. I'm just as upset as the next fan but ffs get over it! No one played and liked Devil May Cry 1-4 because the characters looked badass - it's the gameplay that matters at the end of the day

Neckbear3287d ago

And since when Ninja Theory is known for gameplay?

Just look at Enslaved, for god's sake.

TheBlackSmoke3287d ago

For real, september called, they want their article back. This is like the 1000th story on the subject. Why approve this?

Redrum0593287d ago

i see your point,

but its funny that you point that out because when dmc1 released in 2000, i was barely 10years old. i was with my father walking through walmart and seen the boxart of dmc and i knew i had came across something epic.

Red trench coat (fav color, badass)
white hair (unique, badass)
shotgun (destructive, badass)
dragonsword (legendary, badass)

from that moment i knew i found my new favorite game character and life idol (but like i said i was a kid, lol)

to simplify what happened...

ThanatosDMC3287d ago

Agred, but Dante's been with us for a long ass time. Then they screw with him.

Nerox33287d ago

not really it was the cutscenes the show offs that made many people like the game
gameplay isnt all that much,enemies feel more like zombies and not demons...
so bring the old fking dante

ico923287d ago

well actually one of the reasons why DMC is so well known s because Dante is one of the most Badass Mofos in the gaming, that and the intense difficulty, turning him into some emo, metro-sexual dork, just lowers him on the cool meter

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kaveti66163287d ago

limbo city?

so stupid and unoriginal. it's a like a fourteen year old wrote the game script.

ironfist923287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

In Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy, Limbo is the first circle of Hell that Dante and Vergil enter in. Limbo is portrayed as being an area where virtuous pagans reside in. Although the virtuous pagans in Limbo are (according to Dante) shown to be good natured individuals compared to the heretics of the sixth circle of Hell, their lack of Christian faith prevented them from entering Paradiso

DelbertGrady3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

And the fact that Dante was just fourteen years old when he wrote The Divine Comedy is just mindblowing.

From the looks of it I'm expecting the soundtrack to be handled exclusively by My Chemical Romance.

MysticStrummer3287d ago

They are trying to ruin it, on purpose. They don't want anyone to buy it at all. Ever. No rentals either. Clearly a strange plan, but that is definitely what they are doing. No doubt in my mind.

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