Virtua Tennis 4 Will Make You Want To Buy Move and a 3DTV

DS writes,"Bold words in that title? Perhaps. However, it was the only way to describe what was going through my mind as I played Sega’s tech demo build for Virtua Tennis 4 last week. Now, I don’t want to turn this into a “move is so much better than the wii” argument, but if you can remember what it was like to pick up a Wii mote for your very first match of Wii Sports tennis, take that same feeling and crank it up to about 15. The 1:1 control that is experienced with the move in the tech demo is probably the best I’ve seen for the peripheral yet. We talked to Fabian Doehla about the title and about what we played. Unfortunately, because of it’s 3D nature we weren’t allowed to record footage of the screen. Just take our word for it when we say that it looks amazing! Take a look at the whole interview below."

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Chadness3290d ago

This actually looks really good to me, even moreso with the Move.

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Exquisik3290d ago

What would be even more amazing is if you can switch hands that hold the racquet by switching hands with the move. If that happens, I'm clearing out my whole living room just to play this game.

8-bit3290d ago

that would be cool even if you had to hit a button like circle to do it. I would love that.

MURKERR3290d ago

i wont be though to expensive

killzowner3290d ago

32" 3DTVs retail for £400+. How is that too expensive?

limewax3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Could you name some for me? Last one I saw was £2500 and I wouldnt mind one to be honest, though I will likely end up waiting for glasses-less 3d OLED tvs and forking out a lot instead, It would be nice to have a referance

LOL I got a disagree for asking a question? Someone is a bit bored eh?

walker013290d ago

macro had a "40 1080p 3d tv, think it mightve been sony or lg, with 2 pairs of glasses, 3d blu ray player and a 3d blu ray film. All that for £899 i think.
So yeah, it is starting to drop in price and will speed up

Biggest3290d ago

You probably got disagrees for being too lazy to do what you asked someone else to do. Google is a very powerful question answerer. 3DTVs are being sold for the same prices as HDTVs. You'll find them for $400-$20,000.

JoelT3290d ago

to convince my fiancee that i need a 3DTV ever since Killzone at E3, now after this, I don't care what she says. I'm going to take the plunge. (as soon as glasses-freein 2011 is released of course).

8-bit3290d ago

I am in the exact same situation with my wife and I plan to wait for the glasses less tv's too. Also income tax check to help me pay for this beast.

Ninferno3290d ago

i love virtua tennis games, i cant wait!!!

IG_DARKSA1NT3290d ago

Yeah, definitely glasses free 3D, but the game does actually look good.

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The story is too old to be commented.