Gran Turismo 5 Delay Due to Recent XMB OS Hijinx : "Remember when it was all the rage that the homebrew community finally found a way around Sony’s airtight XMB security to modify PS3s and add functionality? Well folks, that honeymoon is finally over because word has come out that due to the nature of the breach your favorite game and mine Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed"

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Godmars2903698d ago

Why take out whole cities just to nail one hacker where a ninja, a sloppy one anyway, will at least burn down a house after killing everyone in it?

Okay, maybe the neighborhood.

Eamon3698d ago

uhh, then why didn't Microsoft delay Halo Reach till an XBL banwave occurred?

If this is true, then that is greed on a level I have never seen before. And I thought Microsoft was the most notorious.

inveni03698d ago

If you think it's greedy to protect the value of something you spent billions of dollars getting to where it is today, then you're part of the problem.

I blame YOU for the delay.

Eamon3698d ago

You can blame me all you want but I've never even been that interested in car simulators.

This has nothing to do with protection. 360 piracy has been on full swing for years now and it has never affected its sales significantly.

And to be honest, I think they added it for 3D. Not to do with piracy. Because many owners may want to use 3D for GT5 but not go online.

Graey3698d ago

damn that was funny. I can just see that scene in my head LoL. Bubbles for you my friend.

inveni03698d ago

"You can blame me all you want but I've never even been that interested in car simulators."

What does that have to do with anything? Can you explain the 360 hack to me? Isn't it a bit more involved than the PS3 hack? I mean, honestly...all it takes to "hack" the PS3 is a thumb drive. There's no voiding of the warranty or anything. It is officially the easiest way to play backups ever...even easier than PC. The reason 360 piracy hasn't affected sales is because it's more difficult. Fewer people feel comfortable doing it. And NO 360 owners want to void the warranty they so desperately need. Just look what piracy has done to PC sales. THAT'S what you should be comparing PS3 to, because the PC is easy enough for 75% of gamers to pirate.

bostoner3698d ago

well said inveni0... plus bubbles

Its just pissed me off to see this crap. If you care a little about your favorite consoles well being you shouldn't pirate anything. It just leads to this crap. 10 years in the making and some buttle who cant pay 60 bucks for a masterpiece ruins the release date for everyone. and as the bonehead 3d idea this guy made.... they need to update their consoles to go 3D anyways... that requires a internet connection at least once. So its not a 3D thing. n since this will now have a required firmware to play it how would that change anything for those 3D people? No matter what you must update past the jailbreak OS so its required either way.

Eamon3698d ago

sigh, like I said, they most likely did it for the offline 3D support.

Not for piracy. Otherwise, they would have just left it on 3.42 which blocked the jailbreak anyway.

Death24943698d ago

you do know that the 360 was hacked in less then 5 months after it's release, right? another thing is that the hack just allow you to put your ps3 into debug mode, therefore allowing you to install games to it. While I am pissed that the release date has been moved, it's not as serious as everyone is making it out to be. Look you're either going to get the game or you're not, but don't act like this really made you not want to purchase the game anymore.

inveni03698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I think you're misunderstanding my stance on the issue. I don't care if they postpone a release. It doesn't bother me at all because I know they don't so it unless they have a good reason. Even if that reason is just to help the devs, I support it because the people that make incredible games like GT5 deserve to have their efforts rewarded.

Second, I don't mind the delay because I'm not buying the game anyway. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks absolutely astounding. I'm just not into driving games, and if I pick one to play, it'll be an arcade racer (like NFS:HP). I still think that GT5 is the superior driving game, but I'm not buying it based on my experience with GT5:P, which was my first GT experience.

jneul3697d ago


stevenhiggster3697d ago

@ Eamon

Are you seriously trying to tell us that people would rather have 3D support than online play in GT5!!?? Are you freakin nuts!?

frostypants3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Just stop...

Eamon3697d ago Show
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Christopher3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Don't believe it. This is such a minor change and they have already released 3.5 on MoH that implementing it on the disc would be a trivial task that wouldn't have delayed the game at all.

The 3.5 firmware code is already available from SOE and simply needs to be put onto a disc and will automatically run first when the disc loads. Doesn't require rewriting any game code or anything of that sort.

ryuzu3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I also don't think that 3.5 is the reason - or if it is, then PD and Sony are even less professional than I thought (and I have a pretty dim view). However, technically speaking they need to build the GT5 code with the 3.5 SDK, otherwise hacked PS3's could just skip the 3.5 firmware install and run GT5 anyway.

GT5 is a big deal for Sony so no surprise they want to protect their investment as much as possible.

But big surprise if no one at Sony/PD spotted this issue until a few days ago and have missed the BD pressing slot due to some build issues.


LordMarius3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

but it probably wasnt on the disc, remember 3.5 allows 3D playback something GT5 is pushing, so it was crucial for them to have it included

Really? My mistake then.

theEx1Le3698d ago

How on earth could you possibly know it's that simple? if it was the pirates would have found a way round it by now

Nitrowolf23698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Well according to what this person says it had 3.42 installed, i think 3.42 blocks jailbreak but 3.50 gives the PS3 or makes games run at different encription of something.

This would cause a delay with all the copies they had to ship. MoH wasn't going to sell as much and the game was done a like a month or 2 ago giving them plenty of time to put in a new FW. GT5 hasn't gone gold yet even though we are so close to release


that was for movies, we got gaming 3D a while back before 3.42

Axis3698d ago

The main problem is that because of the delay, they lost the printing window for the blu rays. Like the quote in the article said, they has to secure a new printing schedule, which was about a three week window.

jelydonut3698d ago

I know most of you don't understand as are not software developers.. but yes.. the game was designed around 1 version of the SDK and now must be ported to work with the new version. Includes, functions, etc, could change between versions, which require massaging to the code and headers.

ReBurn3698d ago

Upgrading the game to the latest SDK means generating a new build and completely regression testing the game, especially portions of the game engine that rely on any updated SDK libraries. That alone could be significant.

If the delay is for this reason I bet Sony forced it so that people would have to upgrade their firmware just to be able to play the game. Not a bad idea, actually, and could really prevent piracy.

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InTheKnow3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

C'mon, it's a new excuse every couple of hours from these guys. What happen to missing the deadline by 3 pirates made them do it.

What's next...It's M$, Activision and EA's vault for putting out games that people will buy before theirs...O_o

swinesucker3698d ago

Seriously, get your teenage ass out of the thread. Nobody with a life cares that this game was delayed.

Jamegohanssj53698d ago

So yeah you can thank all of your pirate friends for getting this game delayed. Again.


DigitalAnalog3698d ago

Seriously, I never got so pissed about pirates like this before.

-End statement

Rush3698d ago

You don't fuck pirates, pirates fuck you xD

stragomccloud3697d ago

Yeah! Right in the....with a..... wait, what are talking about again?

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plb3698d ago

So what's this make. Rumour #10 on why GT5 was delayed. This sounds most legit though.

MiloGarret3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Really? Sounds incredible to me, but w/e. If this is the real reason it seems very unprofessional.

Karum3697d ago

What exactly is unprofessional about not wanting people to illegally benefit from your work?

Enlighten me, I beg you.

MiloGarret3697d ago

PSJailbreak came out yesterday?

There, enlightened.

jneul3697d ago


asyouburn3697d ago

well, one day when you code and publish your own ps3 games, you can wow us all with your ability to optimize for the new SDK in record time with no delays. until then STFU

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divideby03698d ago

I think it was delayed cause its gonna rain today...

limewax3698d ago

It was bound to happen, Sony announced the other day that all games will require the new firmware update from here on out