G4: Fable 3 Follow-Ups: Four Peter Molyneux Franchises That Need To Be Rebooted

"The Fable franchise is obviously very, very impressive. In fact, check out our exclusive look at the new Sand Furies in Fable 3 to see just how impressive it continues to be. But, it's a shame that so many gamers only know the name Peter Molyneux from this series of games. Molyneux's resume is huge, and includes some of the most interesting, innovative titles ever created, in a huge variety of genres, from simulation games, to RTS games, to sci-fi. While Molyneux isn't exactly known for looking backwards, we'd love it if he'd consider rebooting or remaking these older, classic games before taking on the next Fable."

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BlackIceJoe3289d ago

I hope after Fable III comes out Black & White will be the next game that Lionhead works on next. I think adding Kinect to it would make B&W really interesting.