Dragon Age II Signature Edition Announced

How would you like to get $20 worth of free content for Dragon Age II? All you have to do is preorder the game before January 11th, and you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Dragon Age II Signature Edition. This was announced today via Bioware’s official Dragon Age Facebook Page. Some of that content includes:

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3290d ago Replies(1)
o0Ryan0o3290d ago

Definitely preordering this one!

Nightshade3863290d ago

Absolutely. For a bunch of free content, it'd be foolish not to if you're into RPG's like this.

joydestroy3290d ago

yeah didn't pick up the first but i'm jumping on board this time. <3 BioWare

Nightshade3863290d ago

Dragon Age: Origins is pretty good. You might as well pick up the GotY edition that's going to include all of the DLC.

lucifon3290d ago

Still unsure whether to get this on PC or Console. Dragon Age 1 was vastly superior on the PC and I still havn't managed to finish it all, but still loving it! However this looks like Bioware are seriously changing the franchise to suit the consoles more.

bessy673290d ago

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I have it DA:O PC, but from the little that they have shown it seems like DA2 is more geared towards consoles. It would be nice if they showed some more footage of the game on both console and PC before January 11th. I'm also wondering if having a DA:O save file will carry over anything from the first game.

maniac763290d ago

pfft,ill pay extra if it came with a figurine or something like that,but why pay extra for virtual stuff lol,wait for the goty ed and get it free lolz

Nightshade3863290d ago

It's not extra. You preorder the game before Jan 11th, and you automatically get upgraded and get the extra content.

jakethesnake3289d ago

You will pay extra (probably at least an extra 100%) for all the DLC. Instead, you could wait for the GOTY edition and no get nickel and dimed. Patience is a virtue and I just hate supporting rip off DLC. That's why I will finally be breaking down to get the first DA

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The story is too old to be commented.