TGV Review: Comic Jumper

I love Comic Jumper. I hate Comic Jumper.

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Sidology3287d ago

I really like Twisted Pixel games, and want to give Comic Jumper a shot. The dichotomy sounds kind of frustrating and the difficulty seems all over the place. That sounds kinda rage-inducing.

Herminator3287d ago

It is, but it's also really rewarding.

There are many nods to both Splosion Man and the Maw, and there is a bunch of Twisted Pixel signature songs, including the amazing stat song. I do recommend at least giving the trial a try.

Sidology3287d ago

But I'm sick of getting angry at games. Oh, the number of titles I've put down angry....

borisfett3287d ago

I haven't downloaded this yet, but I've been heavily considering it. Still torn though, especially after reading this review.

RustyMagus3286d ago

It's one of the funniest games you'll ever play. Trust me. Yes the gameplay's frustrating, but with enough upgrades it'll become much easier.

xyxzor3287d ago

There is something to be said for how you structured your review. Good job!

Sidology3287d ago

Also, every time I think about Comic Jumper, I think nothing but "I love Comic Jumper. I hate Comic Jumper."

Every. Time.