Rewind Replay Publications - Sonic 4 (Episode 1) Review

Sonic 4 was made for the hard core fan, no doubts about that. If you are boycotting this game shame on you, this game was made for you. And by boycotting it you are only hurting yourself (you are truly missing out.) Hard core fans will definitely get their money’s worth with this game, even with the five hour play through. If you are not a fan of the series I suggest you wait for price drop. The game is fun, but the nostalgia factor plays an important role in the entertainment. Either way, this is the game I have been waiting to play ever since Sonic Adventure DX left sour taste in my mouth. If things keep going the way it is, Sonic might make a come back into our hearts. Now if we can only make Sega release Sonic CD for download we will be set.

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