Fallout: New Vegas map revealed!

Long-time Fallout community site Duck and Cover has obtained leaked images of the map of the Mojave Wasteland from Fallout: New Vegas. The images give a very good idea of what players are up against when Fallout: New Vega is released next week.

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BubbleSystemSuck3294d ago

but looks like a strategy guide map

pangitkqb3294d ago

Been lookin' forward to this for a while now :)

captain-obvious3294d ago

is it me or it looks smaller that fallout3 map ?

BubbleSystemSuck3294d ago

how can you know if is smaller or not, without any scale?

captain-obvious3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

@ above

fallout 3 map = 1 big block full of location and space

Fallout: New Vegas map = something that looks like an island with everything stuffed in to it
it looks crowded

and yah
i know Vegas is not an island
that map just looks like one

BubbleSystemSuck3294d ago

How big is Fallout: New Vegas compared to Fallout 3?

It’s about the same size. If you thought Fallout 3 was big, you’ll find Fallout: New Vegas to be equally big.

MrAwesome3294d ago

I'am kinda sad it dosen't have much wasteland this time it was fun going out and fighting until i died.

mugoldeneagle033293d ago

Bethesda said on the last podcast that New Vegas map is bigger than Fallout 3. They talked about the difference in designs and everything. Should check it out if you guys are interested in it.

Talk about things like difference in desert design compared to DC and all that. Also said it's completely different than the Capital Wasteland where in New Vegas there are a lot more open areas than closed

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Alvadr3293d ago

Cant wait..........!!!!!!!!!!

PS360fanboy3293d ago

This game is gonna sell a lot!

BlackTar1873293d ago

should be fun. I want to try out the boxing gloves :)

and rob everybody i can without getting caught

BlackTar1873293d ago

about the more open ares. I hated in Fallout 3 the blockades that were up everywhere and had to use tunnels etc.

Still loved fallout 3

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RandomGamer3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

WOW There certainly seems to be a lot of locations to visit,gonna be sweet.

Also glad there is so many factions this time around so I don't keep running into the same enemies over and over again like Fallout 3

MicroSony4Life3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I spent countless hours on Fall Out 3 and here is hoping for the same with Vegas.

The bad news is that I have ACL surgery on monday and the good news is that I will be off from work for 2 weeks.

cygnuszero3294d ago

You're only off work for 2 weeks after ACL surgery?

No Way3294d ago

That's crazy.. Good luck with the surgery and recovery.

rpgenius4203293d ago

Thank you modded xbox now I get to play this in about 5 mins!

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TheColbertinator3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I've got spurs that jingle,jangle,jingle

Just one more week :)

NecrumSlavery3293d ago

I wonder if this game will have a ingame music radio station so you can listen to your own tunes. I would load it up with tons of ratpack songs.

Kakihara3294d ago

I can't get enough of that song. Thanks to Fallout 3 I've spent far too long walking around listening to the Andrews sisters and the Ink spots on my mp3 player, makes me nostalgic for the post apocalyptic future.

Tainted Gene3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

(remember the trailer... the eyebot got shot while going down the highway listen/playing that song).


edit: forgot to refresh my screen and didn't realize Kakihara got a post in.... oh well.

vickers5003293d ago

Bongo, bongo, bongo, I don't want to leave the congo, oh no no no no NOOOO!

Nikobaxton3293d ago

BIngo, bango, bongo i'm so happy in the jungle i refuse to gooooo

BlackTar1873293d ago

ive been singing that song in my head since this game.

lol what a catchy cheezy song.

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kaos_fish II3294d ago

Oh man - that looks awesome - plenty of locations on there.. Can't wait until next week!!!

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