2-Soft: Will Gran Turismo 5 Be Released This Year?

Yesterday Sony announced the delay of the Gran Turismo 5. In order to harden the promise made yesterday by Sony, the Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi commented on this matter today on Twitter. One of his followers asked if Gran Turismo will be released by the end of the year and Yamauchi responded: “I believe we won’t keep you waiting until then.”

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Adu883288d ago

if sony will delay the game will become a great failure..I for sure i won't play it..

steve30x3288d ago

Me too. I am going to sell my dog , sell my rented house , sell everything I have including my 40" TV because GT5 got delayed. I am overreacting like you because how dare they delay the game.

This sarcasim just in case you didnt pick that up.

headwing453288d ago

Dude its only a month, I think kazunori realized that people would be more pissed off with a broken game then a month delay.

PimpHandHappy3288d ago

yea i will never play a game that gets delayed because lord knows my life has no meaning without a timely game schedule. I have a idea. Buy Fallout or Black Ops... then you wont need GT5 so much and can just make up you own release date for the games you want.. Maybe buy it 2 months after release so Sony has to worry about why you didnt buy this game

RetroReborn3288d ago

all i can say to you is GROW THE FCUK UP.

steve30x3287d ago

You think Adu88 is bad?? LOL You guys should read some of the reactions on GTPlanet then.

RetroReborn3287d ago

but most of those are trolls, dont get me wrong i am as pissed as anyone, but the diffrence is that i understand why this can happen, the game will be of the upmost quality and i can wait for that.

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comancsm3287d ago

Let's just wait and see...

Adu883287d ago

dunno why u have a problem with me..i've just said that i am mad about the delay..that is my right not to buy the game..

RetroReborn3287d ago

so basicaly what you are saying is that you havnt bought many games this gen, if delays put you off a game, you missed some good ones.

steve30x3285d ago

The problem is your childish tantrum because the game got delayed. Grow up for gods sake. Your life doesnt rely on the game being delayed on time.

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