PS3Vault Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

PS3Vault writes: "It’s December 25th 1991; I’m seven years old. My parents and I are staying with relatives in snow-covered Camborne, Cornwall. I’m in my grandmother’s lounge, sat in her favourite chair sipping a hot chocolate while I watch my dad set up the SEGA Mega Drive he and mum bought me for Christmas. Dad inserts a cartridge labelled Sonic the Hedgehog into the console, turns the TV on, and hands me a black, three button joypad… 30 seconds later, my fanaticism for videogames began."

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Herminator3291d ago

So pure deja vu/nostalgia play, then?

csreynolds3290d ago

However, the likenesses between this and the 90s Sonic games are obvious. Even so, well worth a download. If you love Sonic, you'll love this.